ADU 0729: Can you tow someone with a drone?Jan 19, 2018 Listen
ADU 0728: Do cities have the legal right to enact drone ordinances?Jan 18, 2018 Listen
ADU 0727: How do I price on-call drone services?Jan 17, 2018 Listen
ADU 0726: CES 2018Jan 16, 2018 Listen
ADU 0725: Are there lenses made specifically for interior shots?Jan 15, 2018 Listen
ADU 0724: Do tracking devices interfere with GPS?Jan 12, 2018 Listen
ADU 0723: What is photo bracketing and should I be doing it?Jan 10, 2018 Listen
ADU 0722: Should I deep-cycle batteries when it’s cold out?Jan 09, 2018 Listen
ADU 0721: How do I manage the changing resolution of my maps and models?Jan 08, 2018 Listen
ADU 0720: Setting goals, increasing margins and being more productiveJan 05, 2018 Listen
ADU 0719: How can I educate a fire department that thinks I’m flying illegally?Jan 02, 2018 Listen
ADU 0718: What type of computer do I need to process maps?Jan 01, 2018 Listen
ADU 0717: Should I animate my drone models to market my skills?Dec 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0716: How should I price my drone services for a horse race?Dec 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0715: Why didn’t we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course?Dec 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0714: Where can I rent a thermal camera?Dec 27, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: What happened when a drone hit a Blackhawk helicopter?Dec 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0713: Is there a more affordable mapping software than Pix4D?Dec 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0712: Do I own the videos I post on SkyPixel?Dec 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0711: Which industries are paying for drone models?Dec 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0710: How do I apply for a daytime waiver to fly at night? (UPDATED)Dec 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0709: Who should I contact to get work at a real estate company?Dec 18, 2017 Listen
ADU 0708: Is the DJI X7 useful for mapping and modeling?Dec 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0707: What does the National Defense Authorization Act mean for pilots?Dec 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0706: Can I film indoors without a Part 107?Dec 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0705: Have you obtained instant authorization for Class B airspace?Dec 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0704: What is the life expectancy of my drone?Dec 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0703: What do I need to know about RTK?Dec 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0702: How do you prepare for a system failure emergency?Dec 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0701: How do I get drone jobs while traveling?Dec 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0700: How can I build a good maintenance checklist?Dec 04, 2017 Listen
ADU 0699: Can I monetize YouTube videos recorded while I was still hobbyist?Dec 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0698: Can I obtain a night waiver if I don’t know which drone I’ll be flying?Nov 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0697: How much should I charge to map a 1,000 acre property?Nov 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0696: I want to map with my P4P+ but can’t download third-party apps. What should I do?Nov 27, 2017 Listen
ADU 0695: How can I build a drone business in a rural area?Nov 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0694: How lucrative is 3D imaging? How much should I charge?Nov 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0693: I nearly had a collision with a jet. Was it my fault?Nov 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0692: I’m twelve years old and want to start a drone business. What can I do to prepare?Nov 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0691: What is the best drone for law enforcement?Nov 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0690: How can I fly in Attitude Mode with my Mavic Pro?Nov 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0689: How does DJI AeroScope work?Nov 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0688: Does a DROTAM stop other pilots from flying in my airspace?Nov 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0687: Which is a better modeling platform–DroneDeploy or Pix4D?Nov 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0686: Can my employer prevent me from using my footage in a demo reel?Nov 08, 2017 Listen
How To Get Instant Airspace AuthorizationNov 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0685: Do students in a high school drone class need Part 107 licenses?Nov 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0684: What app should I use to monitor airspace?Nov 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0683: When can we expect more airports to join LAANC?Nov 03, 2017 Listen
ADU 0682: Is DJI’s AeroScope a good thing for the drone community?Nov 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0681: How does the Part 107 affect FPV racers?Nov 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0680: Should public safety offices get a Part 107 or a COA?Oct 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0679: Should I use intelligent flight mode when shooting golf courses?Oct 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0678: Do you need a Part 107 to fly for a non-profit?Oct 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0677: Is the West Hollywood drone ordinance legal?Oct 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0676: What do I need to know about property releases?Oct 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0675: How do you equip a Phantom 4 Pro for mapping?Oct 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0674: What are the best mapping apps and data platforms?Oct 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0672: How do I practice precision flying without crashing my drone?Oct 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0673: Which light should I use when flying at night?Oct 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0671: I’m a Part 107-certified police officer. Does my agency need a COA?Oct 16, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Waivers for flying over people (with Vic Moss)Oct 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0670: Can I use my drone to aid hunters?Oct 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0669: Should I buy a Yuneec drone?Oct 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0668: How can golf courses utilize drones?Oct 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0667: How should I start editing drone videos?Oct 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0666: Can I buy a thermal camera for my Inspire 2?Oct 05, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Can you fly under another pilot’s airspace authorization?Oct 03, 2017 Listen
ADU 0665: How lucrative is the drone mapping business?Oct 02, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Should drone pilots be supporting Airmap?Oct 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0664: Do VIP TFRs affect all drones or only Part 107 pilots?Sep 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0663: How do I get over my fear of flying?Sep 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0662: What should I know about drone insurance?Sep 26, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Michael Singer v. City of Newton (City Drone Ordinance Nullified!)Sep 25, 2017 Listen
ADU 0660: What is the best multi-battery charging station?Sep 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0659: Can I price my drone services by the minute?Sep 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0658: What’s the best to transfer my client’s deliverables?Sep 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0657: How can security companies utilize drones?Sep 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0656: How do I improve the colors on my drone videos?Sep 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0655: Do I need to record audio when shooting drone footage?Sep 12, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Interdrone 2017Sep 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0654: Is the Z3 compatible with an Osmo?Sep 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0653: What drone equipment do I need to do cellphone tower inspections?Sep 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0652: What is the best drone for real estate mapping?Sep 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0651: Would you buy a used DJI drone?Sep 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0650: Is there a place for me in the real estate industry if I lack photography and video skills?Sep 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0649: How do I make more engaging real estate drone videos?Sep 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0648: Do you have any advice about flying drones indoors?Aug 31, 2017 Listen
ADU 0647: Can drone pilots help out with Hurricane Harvey disaster relief?Aug 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0646: Is it legal to fly drones over emergency scenes?Aug 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0645: What equipment should I bring to my first drone job?Aug 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0644: How do I prolong the life of my LiPo drone batteries?Aug 25, 2017 Listen
ADU 0643: What’s up with North Carolina’s drone laws? Do other states have special regulations as well?Aug 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0642: Do older folks face a learning curve when starting to fly drones?Aug 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0641: Is my U.S Part 107 valid in Canada?Aug 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0640: Can I capture the eclipse with a drone camera?Aug 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0639: What is the best way to launch a drone from a boat?Aug 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0638: Is there a demand for drones in the agriculture industry?Aug 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0637: Do all airspace classes have multiple designations?Aug 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0636: How can drones help construction companies?Aug 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0635: How should I deal with a client who wants to micromanage?Aug 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0634: Should I buy an Osmo or an Osmo Plus?Aug 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0633: Is the DJI Mavic Pro 2 coming out soon?Aug 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0632: Can I use Facebook Live to market my drone business?Aug 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0631: Should you care about DJI and 3D Robotics partnership?Aug 04, 2017 Listen
ADU 0630: Can I run a competitive drone business flying a 3DR Solo?Jul 31, 2017 Listen
ADU 0629: Can I fly my drone under Class B airspace? Can I fly if my Mavic doesn’t have a Mode C transponder?Jul 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0628: What is the max descent speed on the Inspire 2?Jul 27, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: The first Drone U Fly-In happened and it was amazing!Jul 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0627: Is the DJI Spark a good drone?Jul 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0626: Can hobbyist drone pilots fly in National Forests Areas?Jul 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0625: INTERVIEW WITH ANDY LUTEN: The man who uncovered details around Casey Neistat’s FAA investigationJul 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0624: What are the pros and cons of DJI’s Inspire 2?Jul 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0623: What does the end of FAA registration mean for drone pilots?Jul 18, 2017 Listen
ADU 0622: How can I shoot drone footage of a wedding or property without flying over people?Jul 17, 2017 Listen
ADU 0621: Is it legal to fly your drone over moving vehicles?Jul 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0620: An Apology from Mr. Paul AitkenJul 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0619: How do I prevent my Phantom 4 Pro from overheating when flying in hot climates?Jul 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0618: How do I advertise my drone business?Jul 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0617: How does the DJI Phantom 4 Pro compare to the Inspire 1 and Inspire 2?Jul 10, 2017 Listen
ADU 0616: Do I need to re-register the used drone I bought if it is already FAA registered?Jul 07, 2017 Listen
ADU 0615: How do I use meta tags and descriptions to optimize my drone photography?Jul 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0614: Should I retain copyright over my commercial drone footage?Jul 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0613: What is the best equipment for methane pipeline inspections?Jul 03, 2017 Listen
ADU 0612: What does a non-US citizen have to do in order to fly their drone in the United States?Jun 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0611: How do I fly near the various designated areas in my region?Jun 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0610: How do you price out travel expenses when taking your drone business on the road?Jun 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0609: What are the legal ramifications of crashing your drone on private property?Jun 27, 2017 Listen
ADU 0608: Can I fly my drone over people if I have their consent?Jun 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0607: Can authorizations and waivers be shared with or transferred to someone else?Jun 22, 2017 Listen
ADU 0606: What type of iPad would you say is best for flying a Phantom 4 Pro?Jun 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0605: As a licensed pilot, do the Part 107 rules still apply to me when I’m flying for fun and not commercially?Jun 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0604: Are racing drones good for helping aerial cinematographers learn to fly better?Jun 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0603: Can I fly my drone at eye-level around people?Jun 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0602: Can I fly my drone over stadiums and arenas?Jun 15, 2017 Listen
ADU 0601: How much should I charge for land-only drone jobs?Jun 14, 2017 Listen
ADU 0600: Can I fly 400 feet over a 1,000 foot radio tower?Jun 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0599: Can you fly a drone over moving traffic?Jun 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0598: What are some ways I can stand out in this incredibly competitive drone market?Jun 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0597: What do I need to know about using a spotter or visual observer?Jun 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0596: Should I join a union to get work from production companies?Jun 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0595:Can you tell us about different trainings Drone U offers?Jun 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0594: SPECIAL REPORT – Details about the proposed bill by Senator Dianne Feinstein of CA giving drone law authority to the statesJun 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0593: Do I really need to spend the time developing a full operations manual? How would it help me?May 31, 2017 Listen
ADU 0592: What drone should I buy to be able to easily switch out sensor packages?May 30, 2017 Listen
ADU 0591: What is the best drone for doing power line inspections? What about fixed wing?May 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0590: What are the pros and cons to merging my business with another?May 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0589: As it relates to AGL (Above Ground Level) measurement, how does it work when you’re launching from a high point? Is it based on your launch position regardless?May 21, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: Interview with John Taylor regarding the FAA’s Part 48 drone registration for hobbyists being thrown out in courtMay 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0588: Do we only have to register one drone and then use that number for all our other drones?May 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0587: What are COAs and why would I need one?May 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0586: What is a realistic salary to expect from companies who are hiring drone pilots?May 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0585: How can drone pilots make money on YouTube?May 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0584: How should I handle flying near local airports that are Class G airspace? What do I need to know and do?May 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0583: Do I need a Part 107 Drone License if I post videos (monetized and not) on my YouTube channel?May 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0582: What apps are available that can tell me where I can and can’t fly my drone?May 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0581: What are some ways to try and get work from the government sector, like infrastructure projects?May 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0580: What is the best drone for flying in the wind and still getting great quality shots?May 11, 2017 Listen
ADU 0579: What are some key indicators that may mean it’s time for me to invest in new technology and/or equipment?May 09, 2017 Listen
ADU 0578: What things can I do to try and get Realtors more interested in my drone services?May 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0577: What are your best practices for creating an editing and storage system for your files?May 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0576: Do you need to take the full Part 107 license test if you already have a Part 61 license?May 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0575: Can a licensed Part 107 pilot supervise a non-licensed pilot and still fly at the same time?May 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0574: Why does it seem to be so difficult to fly in a straight line when in GPS mode?May 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0573: What drones can I attach the FLIR Duo to?May 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0572: What all do I need to know about licensing footage to my clients?May 01, 2017 Listen
ADU 0571: As a student, can I fly for school projects if I don’t have a Part 107 drone license?Apr 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0570: What are some of your best strategies for attracting jobs when starting a drone business?Apr 28, 2017 Listen
ADU 0569: When flying between two restricted airspaces, do I need to notify both of them?Apr 27, 2017 Listen
ADU 0568: Does the Part 107 apply in other countries? Or do I need different licensing?Apr 24, 2017 Listen
ADU 0567: How can I establish more job security in the drone industry?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0566: What are the details surrounding the FAA restricting drone operations over certain military bases?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0565: Is it true that the FAA is releasing maps to speed up drone authorization applications?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0564: What are the quietest drones on the market that can be used for investigative work?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0563: What is your preferred method for storing 4K footage? SSD?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0562: What do you think about the new Canon Drone?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0561: Is starting a new career in drones really viable?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0560: I was flying my drone and a neighbor came out and pointed a gun at me. What should I do about it?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0559: What do you recommend for marketing your business when it comes to things like SEO strategies, Google Adwords and Facebook ads?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0558: Can you give me a detailed rundown of what I need to know about traveling with my drone?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0557: How do I run two displays on my Mavic Pro?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0556: What new drones and gimbals do you expect to debut at NAB 2017?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0555: INTERVIEW – Is a drone pilot civil disobedience movement brewing?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0554: Would you recommend the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or the Phantom 4 Pro Plus? Is it worth the extra money?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0553: What’s the difference between the Litchi App and the Autopilot App? Do you recommend using them?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0552: How high is the airspace over a residential home?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0551: What’s the best way to determine where I can and can’t fly my drone?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0550: What is the best way to get my FAA Part 107 Drone License so I can make money with my drone?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0549: INTERVIEW – What are some strategies for staying healthy when living the drone life?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0548: INTERVIEW – How can we use drones to save lives? What is the best drone for Fire and Police departments?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0547: What is the best tablet to get for use with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0546: Why not use a third party gimbal with a Sony A6500 or A6300 instead of an Osmo? Is it worth having both?Apr 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0545: What kind of in-person training opportunities are available through Drone U?Apr 18, 2017 Listen
ADU 0544: Do I need a certain camera when doing NDVI analysis? Does the Drone Deploy App do it for me?Mar 20, 2017 Listen
ADU 0543: I’m ready to upgrade. Should I go with the DJI Inspire 2 or the Matrice 600?Mar 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0542: What strategies do you use when flying and filming in public to ensure your safety (and those around you)?Mar 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0541: SPECIAL REPORT – Are drone manufacturers starting to abandon the consumer drone market for more profitable enterprise solutions?Mar 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0540: How many Part 107 Certifications have been handed out by the FAA?Mar 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0539: When starting a drone business, would you purchase a DJI Inspire 1 or S1000 as your first drone?Mar 12, 2017 Listen
ADU 0538: Why are logbooks important and is there a simpler way to use them?Mar 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0537: With so many varying opinions out there, what do I really need to know about Inspire 1 props and batteries?Mar 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0536: What is the FAA rule regarding flying over people? Is it really that big of a deal?Mar 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0535: DRONE NEWS ALERT – AirMap.com and the FAA… a new collaboration to automate airspace authorizations?Mar 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0534: What are some ways to get a drone business going while still working at my current job?Mar 05, 2017 Listen
ADU 0533: Can a non-licensed pilot fly with a Part 107 Drone licensed pilot and still sell the video footage?Feb 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0532: What all do I need to know and consider when buying SD cards for 4K videography and hyperlapse photography?Feb 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0531: When it comes to pipeline inspections, is that usually done as a drone contractor? Or are the oil companies hiring pilots directly? What would help me prepare for such work?Feb 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0530: How can I stay current on drone legalities and be an effective advocate to help influence proposed drone laws in my community?Feb 26, 2017 Listen
ADU 0529: What apps do you use in your drone business every day?Feb 21, 2017 Listen
ADU 0528: Should I list my rates on my drone website? Why or why not?Feb 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0527: How do I become a drone advocate in my community?Feb 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0526: Am I breaking FAA law when I shoot a project for free? What about shooting for a demo reel?Feb 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0525: Where’s the best place to find phone numbers for Air Traffic Control?Feb 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0524: If I’m looking to hire a pilot, what’s the minimum number of hours they should have flying?Feb 19, 2017 Listen
ADU 0523: What should we say to pilots who do not have a Part 107 drone license and are still accepting payments for projects, thus breaking federal law?Feb 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0522: What systems do you have in place to ensure that what you produce for a client is something you know they’ll love?Feb 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0521: What is a good list of equipment and software I need to start a drone business? What’s the best all around drone?Feb 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0520: Does the FAA have any jurisdiction when you fly inside? How does it impact insurance?Feb 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0519: What are some tips & tricks for taking time lapses using my X3 on the Inspire 3?Feb 13, 2017 Listen
BONUS EPISODE: You won’t believe what the FAA is about to do with UAS airspace maps!Feb 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0518: What all should I consider when creating my demo reel?Feb 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0517: What do you think about DJI Care Refresh for drone registration and insurance?Feb 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0516: STATE OF DRONES 2017 INTERVIEW WITH PATRICK EGAN – Regulatory grade data, industry growth, business insights, upcoming issues and much more!Feb 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0515: I’ve got $1,500 to start a drone business. Should I get two P3’s, one Mavic with extra batteries, or one P4 Pro without extra batteries?Feb 06, 2017 Listen
ADU 0514: What do I need to know and do when flying my drone near a heliport?Jan 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0513: How should I approach getting airspace waivers in a place like New York City?Jan 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0512: How do I set up a business in order to sell my drone pictures and videos?Jan 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0511: What are the best camera settings and accessories for filming a golf course?Jan 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0510: Should I continue to pursue a potential client when they’ve said they’re working with someone already? What strategies can you offer?Jan 29, 2017 Listen
ADU 0509: Is it really important to focus on a niche for a drone business? Or can I be more broad?Jan 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0508: What is it about the DJI P4 Pro that makes it better for commercial work versus the regular P4?Jan 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0507: Has a hobbyist drone pilot ever been fined by the FAA? If so, what are the details of it?Jan 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0506: Is it OK to fly my drone in foggy conditions?Jan 23, 2017 Listen
ADU 0500: How long will it take to get permission to fly in Class D airspace? What all can I do about it?Jan 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0505: DRONEBASE QUESTION AND ANSWER – All your questions for them answered by Nick Osgood from DroneBaseJan 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0504: How can I build a drone business when living on the road most of the time?Jan 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0503: What should the settings be on the Mavic Pro when shooting videos?Jan 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0502: How do I set up my new Mavic to get it ready to fly?Jan 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0501: How do I assess the competitiveness of my market as I get my business going?Jan 16, 2017 Listen
ADU 0499: Do I need a Part 107 drone license to post videos on stock sites?Jan 13, 2017 Listen
ADU 0498: What’s the best strategy and method for pricing my different services?Jan 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0497: What do you believe are the top drone conferences to attend?Jan 08, 2017 Listen
ADU 0496: If I use two to three visual observers, can I fly my drone three miles away?Jan 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0495: CES 2017 ROUNDUP – New drones, GoPro Karma Grip, and so much more!Jan 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0494: Does the FAA require operational manuals under Part 107?Jan 02, 2017 Listen
ADU 0493: What is the best method for sending deliverables to a client?Dec 25, 2016 Listen
ADU 0492: Should I use the Osmo or a Nikon D5300 for interior video shots?Dec 25, 2016 Listen
ADU 0491: With the DJI Inspire 2 out, would now be the best time to get the Inspire 1 Pro?Dec 25, 2016 Listen
ADU 0490: What is the biggest obstacle for the drone industry? How do I get permission to fly near my local airport?Dec 25, 2016 Listen
ADU 0489: What are some of your best tips for subject tracking and getting smooth footage?Dec 25, 2016 Listen
ADU 0487: INTERVIEW – DroneBase CEO, Dan BurtonDec 22, 2016 Listen
ADU 0488: Do I need an Inspire to start a drone business? Or will the Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic be fine?Dec 19, 2016 Listen
ADU 0486: What are your best tips and tricks for helping me get my drone business launched and successful?Dec 19, 2016 Listen
ADU 0485: INTERVIEW WITH EOFIRE’s JOHN LEE DUMAS – Strategies on how to start and ignite your drone business through goal settingDec 19, 2016 Listen
ADU 0484: How do I drive more traffic to my site?Dec 19, 2016 Listen
ADU 0483: Is an LLC the best structure for a drone business?Dec 19, 2016 Listen
ADU 0482: How should I price jobs for the police department?Dec 16, 2016 Listen
ADU 0481: Why would I be losing connectivity with my P3 4K? Would antennas or extenders help?Dec 12, 2016 Listen
ADU 0480: When I’m working full time and only have one day per week to build a drone business, what should I focus on?Dec 12, 2016 Listen
ADU 0479: When should I upgrade my drone since new models are released so often?Dec 12, 2016 Listen
ADU 0478: RAPID FIRE QUESTION EPISODE – Paul answers multiple questions on today’s showDec 12, 2016 Listen
ADU 0477: Do I need to update the firmware on my Phantom 3 Standard? Is this important?Dec 05, 2016 Listen
ADU 0476: Is the Mavic good for cell tower and windmill inspections? What other ideas for winter work besides real estate projects?Dec 05, 2016 Listen
ADU 0475: Should I give clients my raw footage? Why or why not?Dec 05, 2016 Listen
ADU 0474: YouTube QUESTION AND ANSWER SHOWDec 05, 2016 Listen
ADU 0473: Tips for flying in cold weatherDec 05, 2016 Listen
ADU 0472: When a company wants to use my photos for promotional purposes, what all do I need to know about pricing, rights and legalities?Nov 28, 2016 Listen
ADU 0471: What do you think about drone project market sites where they promote jobs for pilots?Nov 28, 2016 Listen
ADU 0470: What’s the best way to share photos with clients so they can pick the ones they want?Nov 28, 2016 Listen
ADU 0469: Can you talk about some of the worst mistakes you’ve made on a job and how you overcame them?Nov 21, 2016 Listen
ADU 0468: How do I start getting jobs flying for car dealerships? What all do I need to know about this niche?Nov 21, 2016 Listen
ADU 0467: I’ve been practicing with a Syma and am ready to move up, so what drone should I start with?Nov 21, 2016 Listen
ADU 0466: Are photos or videos taken for recreational purposes prior to passing my Part 107 drone license test valid for sale after I get it?Nov 21, 2016 Listen
ADU 0465: What are some potential obstacles to starting a drone business in a big city? Would the Mavic be a good drone to start with, or something else?Nov 21, 2016 Listen
ADU 0464: What are my biggest equipment needs in order to do a facade inspection on a 60 story building?Nov 19, 2016 Listen
ADU 0463: FPV RACING INTERVIEW – Why the #1 FPV racer in the world decided he needed a 107 commercial drone licenseNov 14, 2016 Listen
ADU 0462: DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO IN-DEPTH REVIEW – Is it worth upgrading my drone to the new P4 Pro?Nov 14, 2016 Listen
ADU 0461: If I have my 107 drone license, can I still fly as a hobbyist when not flying as a commercial pilot?Nov 14, 2016 Listen
ADU 0460: What should I be looking for and careful about when considering to buy a used DJI Inspire 1?Nov 07, 2016 Listen
ADU 0459: As a new drone business, what are the most important things for me to consider in order to ensure my company is successful? What about necessary equipment upgrades?Nov 07, 2016 Listen
ADU 0458: What are some other commercial applications for the DJI Phantom 4 besides Real Estate videos?Nov 07, 2016 Listen
ADU 0457: When giving a presentation to a group of Realtors, what legal issues should I discuss as it relates to commercial versus hobby pilots?Nov 07, 2016 Listen
ADU 0456: INTERVIEW – Step by step on how to apply for a Certificate of Waiver from the FAA so you can fly your drone at nightNov 07, 2016 Listen
ADU 0455: How would I go about renting out my drone, if I wanted to?Oct 31, 2016 Listen
ADU 0454: How do I check up on a COW I’ve applied for? Any tips for helping get them approved?Oct 31, 2016 Listen
ADU 0453: When offering to do an initial project at no cost as a strategy to win over the client long term, what does your deliverable consist of so that it’s considered useful and valuable?Oct 31, 2016 Listen
ADU 0452: Is my AGL based on where I take off from, or does it adjust relative to the terrain I’m flying over?Oct 31, 2016 Listen
ADU 0451: When it comes to a high quality camera for still shots on the ground, what are some good options?Oct 24, 2016 Listen
ADU 0450: How concerned should I be about Military Training Areas (MOAs)? How do I identify them?Oct 24, 2016 Listen
ADU 0449: What can I do for my business in the winter months to stay busy?Oct 24, 2016 Listen
ADU 0443: YouTube QUESTION AND ANSWER SHOWOct 18, 2016 Listen
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