Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman: Why Keto Fails, Gallbladder Health & EMF Pollution from SmartphonesJun 07, 2019 Listen
Jennifer Iserloh: Cooking for the Seinfelds, Meditation, and Ancient Alchemy in the KitchenMay 24, 2019 Listen
Ask Me Anything: Simple Snack Strategy, Cycling Foods & What I Really Think of Clif BarsMay 10, 2019 Listen
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Akshay Nanavati: Fearvana, One Trick To Break Any Habit & Why He’s Running Across the WorldFeb 01, 2019 Listen
How to Avoid Binge Eating, Beat Sugar Cravings & Outsmart Your Smartphone (Ask Me Anything)Jan 25, 2019 Listen
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James Clear: How to Detox from Junk News, Internet Haters & Information OverloadJan 04, 2019 Listen
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Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Body Primal Mind, EMF Pollution & Living with Wild WolvesDec 21, 2018 Listen
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Livestream Q&A: How To Burn Fat During the Holidays, Sleep Well & Accidentally Write a BookDec 07, 2018 Listen
David Smith: Transferable Skills for Athletes & How to Compete When You’re Not a Spring Chicken AnymoreNov 30, 2018 Listen
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JP Sears: Being Ultra Spiritual, How Social Media Controls You & Awakening to Ayahuasca AbuseNov 16, 2018 Listen
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Arthur Haines: Risks of Drinking Tap Water & How to be a Creator Instead of a ConsumerNov 02, 2018 Listen
Livestream Q&A: Kettlebells, Carbs & What I Really Think of the Carnivore DietOct 26, 2018 Listen
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Livestream Q&A: Big Keto Mistakes, How Tech is Hurting You & Drinking Beer on the Wild DietSep 21, 2018 Listen
Dr. Michael Ruscio: How to Dodge Keto Hype and Upgrade Gut Health with Probiotics, Prebiotics & Real FoodSep 07, 2018 Listen
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Dr. Mark Hyman: What to Do about Fake Foods, Nutrient Deficiencies & PesticidesAug 17, 2018 Listen
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William Shewfelt: How The Red Power Ranger Gets Shredded (Down to 3.8% Body Fat)Aug 03, 2018 Listen
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U.J. Ramdas: The 5-Minute Journal, Goal Setting Secrets, & How to Hack Your Happiness SetpointMar 27, 2014 Listen
Young and Raw: 14-Day Juice Challenge, Insulin Spikes, & Secret Superfoods in Abel’s CupboardMar 20, 2014 Listen
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Vinnie Tortorich: Fitness Confidential, Why Exercise Doesn’t Work, and Why Jerry Seinfeld is Wrong about BreakfastSep 27, 2013 Listen
Dr. Charles Livingston: Fat Loss Factor, I.F. for Beginners and To Vaccinate or Not To VaccinateSep 20, 2013 Listen
John Durant: The Paleo Manifesto, Why Great Thinkers Stand Up, and Orange-Eyed AliensSep 13, 2013 Listen
Jill Ciciarelli: Fermented Foods, Eating With the Seasons, and Why Probiotics RockSep 05, 2013 Listen
Jimmy Moore: Cholesterol Clarity, C-Reactive Protein, and Why You’ve Been Duped About Heart HealthAug 30, 2013 Listen
Ben Coomber: The Paleo Diet, Why The Perfect Body ≠ Happiness, and What it’s Like to be FatAug 15, 2013 Listen
Erwan Le Corre: MovNat, the Dangers of Inefficient Practice, and Wisdom from Bruce LeeAug 08, 2013 Listen
Pedram Shojai: Life as a Hunter-Gatherer, How Drug Companies Trick You, and Being Chased by LionsAug 01, 2013 Listen
Dr. Alan Christianson: How to Heal Your Thyroid, Protein in the Morning, and Off-Roading on your UnicycleJul 25, 2013 Listen
Stacy & Matt, The Paleo Parents: Beyond Bacon, Raising Healthy Cave-Kids, and How Lard Can Make You LeanJul 20, 2013 Listen
JJ Virgin: “The Virgin Diet,” Why Extended Cardio Stinks, and The Secret to Looking 30 for the Rest of Your LifeJul 12, 2013 Listen
Alisa Vitti: Adrenal Fatigue, Reversing Low Libido, and What Men Should REALLY Know About WomenJul 05, 2013 Listen
Jonathan Bailor: Why Calories Don’t Matter, How Chocolate = Huge Muscles, and Why You Should Eat More and Exercise LessJun 27, 2013 Listen
Dr. Sara Gottfried: The Hormone Cure, Orgasmic Yoga, and Molecular Sex in a NutshellJun 21, 2013 Listen
Chris Walker: Fat-Burning Chef, Living Without Testosterone, and Why You Shouldn’t OD on Smart DrugsJun 13, 2013 Listen
Joel Salatin: Beyond-Organic Farming, Food Policy, and Why There is POOP in Your Chicken NuggetsJun 06, 2013 Listen
Dr. John Berardi: Precision Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss, and How to Tell Georges St. Pierre What To DoMay 31, 2013 Listen
Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness, the Gamification of Life, and How to Live Like James BondMay 24, 2013 Listen
Scott Gryzbek: Kvass, How to Make Fermented Foods, and Why Beer is Good for YouMay 17, 2013 Listen
Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer: Being Skinny Fat, Primal Fitness, and How to Deadlift A HumanMay 03, 2013 Listen
Bill & Hayley of Food Lover’s Primal Palate: Gather, A Gluten-Free Wedding, and The Cutest Dog EverApr 25, 2013 Listen
Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Be a Bona Fide Renaissance ManApr 16, 2013 Listen
John Romaniello: Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, the Problems with Being Skinny, and What Tucker Max Says About His BookApr 13, 2013 Listen
Yuri Elkaim: Raw Food Dieting, Where Vegans Go Wrong, and What Canadians Think of CanolaApr 05, 2013 Listen
Mat Lalonde on Nutrient Density, Paleo Fails, and Being the KrakenMar 28, 2013 Listen
Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden: Loss in a Sentence, the Pros/Cons of Supplements, and How to be HappyMar 22, 2013 Listen
Michael Fishman: Sugar Addiction, The Difference Between “Can’t” and “Don’t,” and How to Turn Down a CookieMar 15, 2013 Listen
Melissa Joulwan: Well-Fed, That Pesky Thyroid, and Colossal Kitchen FailsMar 08, 2013 Listen
Mira and Jayson Calton: Rich Food, Poor Food, Fat Free Fruit Juice, and Eating Green WormsMar 01, 2013 Listen
Craig Ballantyne: Turbulence Training, Why Willpower Fails, and How to be Your Own Science ExperimentFeb 22, 2013 Listen
Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat, the Problem with Calories, and Why Eating Eggs Won’t Kill YouFeb 15, 2013 Listen
James Clear: Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, and Behavior ChangeFeb 08, 2013 Listen
Loren Cordain: The Paleo Diet, Young Robb Wolf, and Why Saturated Fat is the Bees KneesFeb 01, 2013 Listen
Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Chef, Meditation, and Eating CricketsJan 25, 2013 Listen
Leanne Ely: Saving Dinner, Part-Time Paleo, and How to Deal with Picky ChildrenJan 10, 2013 Listen
Todd Herman: The Mental Game, Visualization, and Fraggle RockJan 04, 2013 Listen
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Paul Jaminet: Safe Starches, Fecal Transplants, and Good News for Wine LoversDec 14, 2012 Listen
David Garcia, How to Lose 165 Pounds and Keep Them OffNov 30, 2012 Listen
Bill and Hayley, The Food Lovers on Paleo Parties, Eating Fish Heads, and Love at First DeadliftNov 23, 2012 Listen
Alyson Bridge: Gluten-Free Desserts, Weight Training for Women, and How to Eat Well on the RoadNov 16, 2012 Listen
Jeffrey Smith: Genetic Roulette, Prop 37, and Why You Should Avoid GMO’sNov 02, 2012 Listen
Kaleigh from The Paleo Angel and George Bryant on the Dangers of Intermittent FastingOct 26, 2012 Listen
Roger Dickerman: Exercise as a Stimulus, Tabatas, and Why Your iPhone is Making You FatOct 12, 2012 Listen
Dr. Lauren Noel: Food as Medicine, Why Doctors Smoke, and How to Have a Rockstar PoopOct 05, 2012 Listen
Michelle and Keith Norris: PaleoFX, Effective Exercise, and Barbie DollsSep 28, 2012 Listen
Sean Croxton: Underground Wellness, How to Avoid Toxins, and Why You Need A VacationSep 21, 2012 Listen
George Bryant: Caveman Feast Cookbook, Sous Vide, and The Perfect Turkish Get-UpSep 14, 2012 Listen
Dr. Colin Champ: The Caveman Doctor, Low-Carb for Health, and Eating MORE SaltSep 07, 2012 Listen
Paul Jaminet: The Perfect Health Diet, Safe Starches, and Intermittent FastingAug 31, 2012 Listen
Ben Greenfield: Low-Carb Endurance Training, Supplementation for Performance, and Building MuscleAug 24, 2012 Listen
Stefani Ruper: Intermittent Fasting, Paleo for Women, and Disordered EatingAug 17, 2012 Listen
The Fat-Burning Mom: Angie Bascom, ARNP on the Thyroid, Weight Loss, and Kicking WheatAug 10, 2012 Listen
Abel James interviewed on the Michael Ostrolenk ShowJul 31, 2012 Listen
Jim Kean, Founder of WellnessFX on Self-Optimization, The Outdoors, and RobotsJul 27, 2012 Listen
Isabel De Los Rios, Bestselling Author of “The Diet Solution” and “Beyond “Diet”Jul 20, 2012 Listen
Commander Mark Divine, Creator of SEALFIT on Mental Toughness, Kokoro, and Unbeatable MindJul 13, 2012 Listen
Erai Beckmann: Creator of The Future of Health NowJul 06, 2012 Listen
Drew Manning, Bestselling Author of Fit2Fat2Fit on Gaining and Losing 72 PoundsJun 29, 2012 Listen
Dr. William Davis, Author of New York Times Bestseller, “Wheat Belly”Jun 22, 2012 Listen
Tom Naughton, Comedian, Filmmaker, and the Man Behind "Fat Head"Jun 15, 2012 Listen
Jon Benson, Author of Fit Over 40 and 7-Minute MuscleJun 08, 2012 Listen
Dean Dwyer: Make Shift Happen, The Paradox of Success, and SkippingJun 01, 2012 Listen
Interview with George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Cooking CreationsMay 25, 2012 Listen
Interview with Ashley Tudor, Author of “Sweet Potato Power”May 18, 2012 Listen
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Interview with Dan Pardi: Quantified Self, Quality Sleep, Paul Jaminet, and Food SpendingMay 04, 2012 Listen
Interview with Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford: Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free, and the Paleo DietApr 27, 2012 Listen
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