Mueller Spokesman: Buzzfeed Descriptions In The Report "Not Accurate"Jan 19, 2019 Listen
President Trump Vs. House Speaker Pelosi; Cohen Says Trump Directed Him To Pay For Poll Rigging; Cleanup On Aisle Rudy; On The FrontlinesJan 18, 2019 Listen
Suspicion. After Suspicion. After Suspicion.; State of The Disunion; Mission Not Accomplished; Four Americans Die In ISIS Attack In Syria; House Judiciary Chairman Weighs In on Barr Nominations, Mueller Investigation;Jan 17, 2019 Listen
Answers. And Questions.; Was It Something He Said?; The RidiculistJan 16, 2019 Listen
Unchartered Waters; Amid Bombshell Reports Of Trump-Putin Relationship Trump's Lawyers Rebuff New Request For Mueller Interview; Rep. Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments Following Racist Comments; California Utility Giant Under FireJan 15, 2019 Listen
Shut-Show: Record Edition; NY Times: FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working On Behalf Of Russia; 13-Year-Old Girl Escapes After Being Held Captive For Nearly 3 MonthsJan 12, 2019 Listen
Shut-Show Day 20; Shutdown & Aviation Safety; Still Singing, New Verse; Senate Democrats Meet With William Barr; Will He Release Full Mueller Investigation?Jan 11, 2019 Listen
Shut-Show; Source: Rosenstein Will Leave DO; Air Traffic Controllers Impacted, Worry No Pay Could Lead To Lack Of Focus On The JobJan 10, 2019 Listen
The Prebuttal; Awaiting Trump's Address On Border Security; Court Filing Shows Former Campaign Chair Manafort Shared Polling Data With Alleged Russian Operative; Some FDA Employees Think Shutdown Could Be DeadlyJan 09, 2019 Listen
Of Walls And Words; Government Shutdown; Political Pain; What's Old Is New Again; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez One-On-One;Jan 08, 2019 Listen
"Just Words" (They're Not); Pres. Trump Opened WH Meeting On Shutdown With 15-Min. Profanity-Laced Rant About Impeachment; Shutdown Showdown: Next Steps?; The Human Cost Of The Shutdown; New House Dem: "We're Gonna Impeach The Motherf****R"Jan 05, 2019 Listen
A New World In Washington; House Votes To End Shutdown As Pres. Trump Vows To Veto Bill; Pres. Trump's Briefing That Wasn't; Dems Roll Out Impeachment Bill On Day One Of House Control Under Pres. Trump; Lawyer: American Formally Charged With Spying On RuJan 04, 2019 Listen
"Enjoy The Ride"; Democrats Take Control Of House; GOP Trump Skeptics; Pres. Trump Thrashes Top Former Generals; New Questions About Pres. Trump's Vietnam Medical DefermentJan 03, 2019 Listen
Brother of accused U.S. spy: "his innocence is undoubted"; Trump: it's going to be a complicated, but great year; All of ISIS "will be gone by the time we get out"Jan 01, 2019 Listen
New Year Celebrations Underway Around The World; New Divided Congress To Tackle Government Shutdown In 2019; Top 8 Trending Stories of 2018Dec 31, 2018 Listen
Tactic or Tantrum?; Investigating The Presidential Transition; No Deal In Sight On Capitol Hill; Mueller's Pursuit Of The Facts; Mueller And ComeyDec 29, 2018 Listen
Congress Adjourns With No End To Shutdown In Sight; Shutdown Showdown; Inauguration Investigation; Guiliani Contradicts Himself On Trump-Mueller Interviews; "Love, Gilda" Airs Tuesday, January 1, 2019Dec 28, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump, First Lady Stop In Germany After Surprise Visit To U.S. Troops Serving In Iraq; Investigating The Trump Family Business; Second Immigrant Child Dies In Custody Of Border Patrol; President Trump's Vietnam MysteryDec 27, 2018 Listen
Trump doubles down on demands to fund border wall; Trump lashes out at Fed for "raising interest rates too fast"; 8-year-old Guatemalan boy falls ill, dies in U.S. custody; Top 8 political stories of 2018Dec 25, 2018 Listen
Worst-ever Christmas Eve for Dow and S&P as Trump rips Fed; Trump to Turkey's president on Syria: "All yours. We are done."; Trump: I'm "all alone" at WH waiting for Dems to make a deal; 8 in 2018: Top sports storiesDec 24, 2018 Listen
Trump Turmoil: Shutdown Looms, Mattis Quits, Markets Tank; First Time In 40 Years There Have Been Three Shutdowns In A Year; Trump Turmoi A Question Of Obstruction; Ruth Bader Ginsburg Resting After Surgery To Remove Two Cancerous Nodules From Her Left LuDec 22, 2018 Listen
Mattis Quits In Protest Over Trump's Policies; Government Shutdown Looms After Trump Refused To Accept Measure Passed By The SenateDec 21, 2018 Listen
Backlash As Trump Claims ISIS Defeated In Syria And Orders U.S. Troops Withdrawal; GOP Senators Slam Plan As Dangerous; Another Glitch In The Wall; House Intelligence Committee Expected To Vote Thursday On Whether To Release Roger Stone Transcript; CalifDec 20, 2018 Listen
Is The President "Flynn-Timidated?"; Inside The White House; Kenn Starr On President Trump's Tweets, Mueller Investigation; Trump Foundation Shutting DownDec 19, 2018 Listen
Moving The Goalposts; Wash. Post: Russian Disinformation Teams Targeted Special Counsel Mueller; Mueller Releases Key FBI Memo Ahead Of Flynn Sentencing; ; Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare As UnconstitutionalDec 18, 2018 Listen
Sources: Mueller's Team Continues To Be Interested In Interviewing President Trump; But He And His Lawyers Are Still Opposed; Breaking His Silence; Mueller Mystery; Trump Defenders Draw Comparisons To John Edwards' Case And His Acquittal,Others Say Is MorDec 15, 2018 Listen
He Was In The Room; Source: Trump Inaguraul Committee Under Criminal Investigation; WSJ: Probe Partly Triggered By Materials Seized In Cohen Raid; Relationship Between Donald Trump And Tabloid Publisher Pecker Goes Back Years; The RidiculistDec 14, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Seething And Silent On Cohen Saying In Private Conversations: "He's A Liar"; National Enquirer Publisher Strikes Immunity Deal; Admits To Helping Kill "Damaging" Story About Trump "Before The 2016 Election"; Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years Dec 13, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump To Reuters: "It's Hard to Impeach Somebody Who Hasn't Done Anything Wrong"; "The Apprentice": Director's Cut;Dec 12, 2018 Listen
Source: President Humiliated, "Super Pissed"; Contact With RussiansDec 11, 2018 Listen
Mueller: Cohen Was In Touch With Russian Seeking "Political Synergy" With Trump Campaign; NY Prosecutors: Cohen Broke Law "In Coordination With And At The Direction Of" Candidate Trump; Pres. Trump: Tillerson "Dumb As Rock," "Lazy As Hell"Dec 08, 2018 Listen
Sources: Acting FBI Director McCabe Opened Obstruction Of Justice Probe On Pres. Trump After Comey's Firing, Before Mueller Appointed; Pres. Trump Expected To Pick State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert As Next US Ambassador; What Could We Learn?; StDec 07, 2018 Listen
More To Come. A Lot More. ; "A Smoking Saw"; Senators Introduce Resolution Holding Saudi Crown Prince Accountable For Khashoggi Murder; Remembering A President;Dec 06, 2018 Listen
Mueller Court Filing On Flynn Released; Pres. Trump Ally Roger Stone Taking The Fifth; "A Smoking Saw"Dec 05, 2018 Listen
Former Pres. George H.W. Bush Lying In State; Presidential Tweets Raise Legal Questions; Pres. Trump & First Lady Pay Respects To Bush; Pres. Trump's Nominee To Be The New EPA Head Under ScrutinyDec 04, 2018 Listen
Cohen Under Impression Trump Would Offer Pardon In Exchange For Support; Pres. Trump Navigates G20 Summit Under Cloud Of Russia Probe; 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Major Damage In Alaska;Dec 01, 2018 Listen
Who You Calling A Liar?; Pres. Trump Arrives In Buenos Aires As Muller Probe Intensifies In U.S.; Bob Woodward On Nixon Vs. Trump;Nov 30, 2018 Listen
The "Solution In Search Of A Problem," Problem; Pres. Trump: Pardon For Manafort "Not Off The Table"; Bill To Protect Mueller Doesn't Get A Vote; Will They Meet?; What They Know Vs. What They Say; Border Migrant Camp At Least 3 Times Above Its Capacity, Nov 29, 2018 Listen
Nothing to See Here. Move Along. ; Poll Closed In Racially-Charged Runoff Election; Awaiting Results From Mississippi; National Security Advisor John Bolton Says He Hasn't Listened To Khashoggi Audio Because He Doesn't Speak Arabic;Nov 28, 2018 Listen
Mueller's Team: Manafort Lied After Pleading Guilty; Mexico Ask U.S. For Investigation Into Use of "Non-Lethal" Weapons On The Border; Pres. Trump Says His Administration Has "Found The Magic Wand" For Manufacturing, On Same Day GM Announces Plant ClosurNov 27, 2018 Listen
Roger Stone's associate is in plea negotiation with Mueller; Feds: Climate change will have dire consequences for U.S.; U.S. has record 14,000 unaccompanied migrant kids in custody; Black Friday online sales expected to top $6 billionNov 23, 2018 Listen
Trump's Thanksgiving call to the military turns political; House GOP subpoenas Comey, Lynch for private testimony; Mexico Beach marks first Thanksgiving since hurricane; Chef Jose Andres cooks Thanksgiving dinner for fire victimsNov 22, 2018 Listen
Contempt Of Court; More Mueller Questions Ahead?; CNN Exclusive: Talking 2020 With Former Pres. Obama; Pres. Trump May Invoke Executive Privilege;Nov 22, 2018 Listen
NY Times: Pres. Trump Wanted To Order Justice Dept. To Prosecute Comey And Clinton But Was Warned It Could Lead To Impeachment; President Trump Sides With Saudi Arabia Despite CIA Assessment Crown Prince Ordered Journalist's Killing; CNN Exclusive With MaNov 21, 2018 Listen
The President, The Admiral, And The Truth; Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account Emails About Govt. Business; White House Backs Down; Pres. Trump Slams Congressman Using Vulgar Tweet; Pres. Trump: I Probably Won't Sit For Mueller InterviewNov 20, 2018 Listen
"Let's Get Back To Work"; Pres. Trump Says He Wrote Answers To Mueller Questions, Not Lawyers; CIA Concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Jamal Khashoggi's Assassination; NY Times: Pres. Trump Asking Aides If Pence Is Loyal; More Than 600 Missing In CaliforNov 17, 2018 Listen
Why So Angry; Broward County Misses Recount Deadline By Two Minutes; Florida U.S. Senate Headed To A Manual Recount; Meeting With Marines; Judge Postpones Decision In CNN Lawsuit;Nov 16, 2018 Listen
WH Official Tells CNN: Pres. Trump "Pissed At Damn Near Everyone"; Judge Hears Arguments In CNN Lawsuit Against Trump Administration, Ruling Expected Tomorrow On Fate Of Jim Acosta's Press Pass; "Cereal" Voter Conspiracy;Nov 15, 2018 Listen
CNN: Trump Eyeing Replacements For Chief Of Staff, Others; CNN: Trump Meets With Lawyers To Review Mueller Questions; CNN Sues White House For Suspending Jim Acosta's Press Pass; 44 Dead In California Wildfires; Worst In State HistoryNov 13, 2018 Listen
Fraud Claims. No Evidence.; GOP Candidate Concedes In Arizona Senate Race; Russia Probe Figure Says He's Being Indicted; California Burning, Pres. Trump Tweeting ; Pres. Trump Skips Visit To Veteran Cemetery; Warning Against NationalismNov 13, 2018 Listen
Pres Trump Today: "I Don't Know Matt Whitaker" Press Trump Last Month: "I Know Matt Whitaker"; The President & The Payoffs; Election For Florida Senate, Governor Draw Even Tighter; Michelle Obama On Why She Can't Forgive Pres. Trump;Nov 10, 2018 Listen
New Election Returns In Tight Races; 12 People Killed In California Bar Massacre; CNN: Growing Concern In WH Over Reaction To Acting AG; Democrat Now Leading In Tight AZ Race; Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Breaking 3 Ribs In Fall; Survivor of ShooNov 09, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Pres. Trump Names New Acting Attorney General Who Has Been Openly Critical Of Mueller Investigation; Sen. Bernie Sanders On Sessions Firing, Midterms; White House Pulls Jim Acosta's Press PassNov 08, 2018 Listen
House, Senate Up For Grabs In Midterm Elections; Americans Turn Out In Record Numbers In Early Voting; Trump No On Ballot, But Presence Looms Large In Midterms; Midterms Could See Biggest Turnout In Years;Nov 07, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Makes Final Pitch To Voters; Former Pres. Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Virginia; Candidates Hold Last Rallies In Key Races; The Gender Agenda; Racist Robocall Targets Abrams, Oprah In Georgia's Governor's Race; Pres. Trump: I Don't Care If DeNov 06, 2018 Listen
High Stakes Races, Big-Names Campaigning; President Trump, Former President Obama Campaign In Tight Races Across The Country; Independent Voters Crucial For Both Parties As Voting NearNov 05, 2018 Listen
Untrue Lies; Trump Campaign Ad Not Backed Up By Facts; Presidents Hold Dueling Campaign Rallies; Michael Cohen: Trump Used Racist Language; Obama's Pitch For Democrats; Pittsburgh Mayor On Trump's Comments;Nov 03, 2018 Listen
"The Truth"..."When I Can"; Battle Over Immigration; Feeling The Heat; Pres. Trump Intensifies Misleading Rhetoric On Caravan, Immigration; Countdown To Midterm Elections; Tense Reelection Fight; Top CNN Heroes Finalists RevealedNov 02, 2018 Listen
Red Meat; What Is This 14th Amendment You Speak Of?; Pres. Trump Focuses On Caravan, Border Troops And Birthright Citizenship In Campaign Blitz; Pres. Trump Begins Hectic Campaign Schedule As Midterms Loom ; Plot To Smear Mueller Unravels; Three More FunNov 01, 2018 Listen
Community Mourns Lives Lost In Synagogue Shooting; Funeral Held For Devoted Doctor; Pittsburgh Suspect Wrote Anti-Semitic Posts On Social Media; Pres. Trump's Multi-Pronged Attack On Immigrants; Remembering Dr. RabinowitzOct 31, 2018 Listen
Remembering the Victims; Tree of Life Rabbi, Pittsburgh Mayor Speak Out; Website Linked To Suspect Taken Offline; WH Rejects Ties Between Pres. Trump's Rhetoric And Violence; Tom Steyer Reacts To Pres. Trump's Tweet, Bomb Threat; Love Over Hate; First ResOct 30, 2018 Listen
Mail Bomb Suspect Arrested in Florida, Charged With 5 Federal Crimes; FBI Says Bombs Are "Not Hoax Devices"; Attorney For Suspect's Family Speaks Out; Responding To Bomb Suspect's Arrest, Pres. Trump Turns To Attacking The Media At Tonight's RallyOct 27, 2018 Listen
The Leadership Test; Authorities Believe Several Packages Went Through A Mail Facility Near Miami, FloridaOct 26, 2018 Listen
Another Suspicious Package Sent To Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters, Similar To Others; Manhunt On For Suspect Who Sent Bombs To CNN, Obamas, Clintons; Pres. Trump Attacks Media On Same Day Bomb Is Found In CNN's New York Offices; Sources: Authorities Seeking SuspOct 25, 2018 Listen
"There's No Proof Of Anything"; Pres. Trump's New Message On Khashoggi Murder; Is Dishonesty The Best Policy?; Is Hillary Clinton's Presence In Florida Helping or Hurting Democrats?; Meeting Again?;Oct 24, 2018 Listen
To Tell The Truth (Or Not); Body Double Of Evidence; NY Times: WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Grabbed Adviser Lewandowski By The Collar In February Fight, Requiring Secret Service Intervention; What Voters Are ThinkingOct 23, 2018 Listen
Fightin' Words, No Regrets; Saudi State TV: Khashoggi Died In Fight At Istanbul Consulate ;Tense Standoff As Migrants Pack Bridge On Mexico's Southern Border; Trouble Accepting The Truth; Russian National Charged By Mueller ProsecutorsOct 20, 2018 Listen
Sources: Turkey Likely Knew Within Hours Of Khashoggi's Disappearance That He Was Dead; CNN: Kelly, Bolton In Heated Shouting Match Over Border Crossings; Aides Fear Possible Resignation; Pres. Trump Starts 3-State Campaign Swing; Pushing Hard For GOP CaOct 19, 2018 Listen
New Details Of Pompeo Meeting With Saudi Crown Prince; Washington Post Publishes Op-Ed Written By Jamal Khashoggi Before He Vanished; Michael Cohen Meets With Prosecutors Investigating Trump's Family Business, Charity; North Dakota Native Americans Say NeOct 18, 2018 Listen
Source: Saudi Intel Officer With Ties To Crown Prince Oversaw Khashoggi Mission; Details Emerge As Saudi's Prepare Their Explanation Of Events; War of Words; Death Toll From Hurricane Michael RisesOct 17, 2018 Listen
Keeping Them Honest: "Rogue" Theory?; CNN Sources: Saudis Preparing To Admit Journalist Was Killed; Shrugging Off Outrage?; Video Confirms Pres. Trump Offered $1 Million For DNA Test; Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniel's Defamation Lawsuit Against Pres. TrumpOct 16, 2018 Listen
Turkish Newspaper: Missing Journalist May Have Recorded His Own Death VIA His Apple Watch; Hurricane Michael's Death Toll Rises To 17; First Lady Melania On Her Marriage And MoreOct 13, 2018 Listen
Michael Kills At Least 6; Leaves Florida Cities In Ruins; Reality No-ShowOct 12, 2018 Listen
Hurricane Michael Currently Slamming Georgia With Rain, Catastrophic Winds;Oct 11, 2018 Listen
New Forecast: Michael Is Now Forecast To Be Near Category 4 Strength When It Makes Landfall; Pres. Trump Considering "Numerous People" To Replace Outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; Justice Kavanaugh's First Day; Will Sen. Heitkamp's No Vote On KavanaugOct 10, 2018 Listen
Spiking The Ball; Pres. Trump Slams Kavanugh's Opponents For A "Campaign Of Personal; Kavanaugh: I Will Be An Independent, Impartial Justice; 20 Killed In Limo Crash; NY Times: Trump Campaign Aid Rick Gates Requested Online Manipulation Plans From IsraeliOct 09, 2018 Listen
Sen. Murkowski, Only Republican To Vote No On Kavanaugh, Speaks On Senate Floor; Kavanaugh On Verge Of Confirmation As Senators Collins, Flake, And Manchin Say They'll Vote Yes; Ford's Attorney Speaks OutOct 06, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: "My Time In High School And College...Has Been Ridiculously Distorted"; First Full Senate Vote On Kavanaugh Tomorrow, Still Unclear How Some Key Senators Will VoteOct 05, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh's College Roomate Speaks Out; Source: White House Expects To Receive FBI Report On Kavanaugh Soon, Will Then Send Info To Senators; NY Times Op-Ed Signed By 650+ Law Professors: The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh;Oct 04, 2018 Listen
. Trump: "It Is A Very Scary Time For Young White Men In America;" NY Times: Trump Used "Dubious Tax Schemes," "Outright Fraud" In 1990s To Grow The Fortune He Got From His Parents; Pres. Trump Directed Attorney Michael Cohen, Son Eric Trump To Keep StormOct 03, 2018 Listen
To Tell The Truth; Former College Classmate: Brett Kavanaugh Has Not Told The Truth About His Drinking; Details of FBI Investigation; Conclusion Of Prosecution Hired By Republicans; GOP-Hired Lawyer Says No "Reasonable Prosecutor" Would Seek Charges AgainOct 02, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Nomination On Hold For New FBI Investigation; Senate Confirmation Vote Delayed As Pres. Trump Orders New FBI Background Check On Kavanaugh; This Is What A U-Turn Looks Like;Sep 29, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh: "I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone"; Ford: "100 %" Certain It Was Kavanaugh Who Assaulted Me; Attorney For Debbie Ramirez Speaks;Sep 28, 2018 Listen
Two New Allegations Revealed On Eve Of Kavanaugh Hearing; Ford Legal Team Releases Picture Of Her Taking Polygraph; Laughing At Him Or With Him?;Sep 27, 2018 Listen
Evolution Of An Answer; Attorney For Second Kavanaugh Accuser Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Greeted With Laughter At UN; Cosby Sentenced For Sexual Assault;Sep 26, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Speaks Amid New Accusations; Pres. Trump To Meet With Rod Rosenstein Thursday; Fate of Deputy Attorney General Up In The Air;Sep 25, 2018 Listen
Sources: Deputy AG Rosenstein Discussed Secretly Recordings Pres Trump, Invoking 25th Ammendment After Comey FiringSep 22, 2018 Listen
Source: Ford Legal Team Lays Out Conditions For Testifying Before The Judiciary Committee; Reports: Former Trump Atty. Michael Cohen Has Spoken Repeatedly With Mueller Team;Sep 21, 2018 Listen
Grassley Sets Friday Deadline For Kavanaugh's Accuser To Say Whether She'll Testify On Monday; Pres. Trump Again Hammers Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions; Judge Orders Do-Over For Georgia Primary After Ballot ErrorSep 20, 2018 Listen
Exclusive: Attorney For Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser Tells CNN Without An FBI Investigation She Won't Appear at Public Hearing; Exclusive: CNN Obtains Letter Sent By Attorneys For Kavanaugh's Accuser To GOP Sen. Grassley; Pres. Trump Orders Russia InvestigaSep 19, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh And Accuser To Testify In Public Monday; Death Toll Rises From Florence;Sep 18, 2018 Listen
At Least 5 Dead As Florence Keeps Battering The Carolinas; Manafort FlipsSep 15, 2018 Listen
Hurricane Florence Pummels Carolinas With Wind, Rain; Disrespecting The Dead;Sep 14, 2018 Listen
New Forecast: Hurricane Taking Aim At Carolina Coast, Life Threatening Storm Surge And Rainfall Expected; "Unsung Success" In Puerto Rico?; The Story Behind "Fear"; Woodward Tells All On His Reporting Process; Medical Examiner: 12 Florida Nursing Home DeaSep 13, 2018 Listen
Hurricane Warnings Issued As "Life Threatening" Florence Strengthens; 2,975 Deaths Are Not An "Unsung Success"; Ken Starr Weighs In On Mueller Investigation;Sep 12, 2018 Listen
Hurricane Florence Prompts Mandatory Evacuations In Carolinas, Virginia; "Fear" And Loathing At The White House;Sep 11, 2018 Listen
National Security Or Personal Insecurity?; Attorney Who Disclosed "Deep Throat" Identity Recalls Decades Of Denial Before Truth Emerged; Sessions Supporters In Alabama Upset At President Trump Attacks On Attorney General; Former Trump Campaign Aide GeorgeSep 08, 2018 Listen
Will The Real Anonymous Please Stand Up?; Top Administration Officials Deny Writing NYT Op-Ed; Burt Reynolds 1936-2018Sep 07, 2018 Listen
Unprecedented! (Again); Sr. Administration Official Blasts Pres. Trump In Op-Ed; Secretary Kerry Weighs In On The Trump Administration; Day Two Of Kavanaugh Hearing Continues Into Evening;Sep 06, 2018 Listen
New Bob Woodward Book: Chief Of Staff Kelly Called Pres. Trump An "Idiot", Also Said "We're In Crazytown"; NY Times: Mueller Will Accept Written Answers From Trump On Questions About Campaign Collusion With Russia; Protest And Dissent During Supreme CourtSep 05, 2018 Listen
Louisiana Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Activates National Guard; And Justice For All (After The Midterms); Pres. Trump Blasts Sessions Over Indictment of Two Of His Earliest Congressional Supporters; Pres. Trump Cites NY Times In Latest Witch HuSep 04, 2018 Listen
If It's All Just A Witch Hunt...; New Poll: Disapproval Of President At A High Of 60% While 63% Support Mueller Probe As Midterm Ramp Up; Family, Friends, Colleagues, And The Public Pay Tribute To Sen. McCain As He Lies In State in The Capitol Rotunda; GSep 01, 2018 Listen
Sen. McCain's Casket Arrives Ahead Of DC Services; More Dirt On The President?; NY Times: Pres. Trump Wanted To Buy, Bury File of Enquirer Stories;Aug 31, 2018 Listen
Was It Something He Said?; Florida Governor's Race Starts With Racist Accusations; "Heckuva Job," The Sequel; McCain Pallbearer Comes As A Surprise; Pres. Trump And His Latest Conspiracy TheoriesAug 30, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Has Revived Idea Of Firing Sessions In Conversations With Aides and Lawyers This Month; Pres. Trump Warns Of Violence If Republicans Lose Midterms; Former Campaign Manager And Family Spokesman Remembers His Friend; Puerto Rico's Hurricane MarAug 29, 2018 Listen
Delaying The Respects; White House Flag Lowered Again After Growing Pressure; Remembering A Maverick; War Hero, Senator, Political Titan; McCain's Sense Of Humor Part Of His LegacyAug 28, 2018 Listen
Look Who's Talking; Who Is Allen Weisselberg?; Prosecutors Grant Immunity To Longtime Trump Finance Chief; Manafort Juror Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Escalates Feud With Sessions; Hurricane Lane Hammers Hawaii With RainAug 25, 2018 Listen
Code Of Silence; President Weighs Pardon For Manafort; Job In Jeopardy; Rep. Duncan Hunter's Day In Court; WSJ: National Enquirer Publisher David Pecker Granted Immunity; Pres. Trump Concerned About (White) South Africans;Aug 24, 2018 Listen
When Is A Crime A Crime?; Sources: Short of Firing Mueller, There's Nothing That's Going To Split The GOP From Pres. Trump; Avenatti Says Pres. Trump Violated Campaign Finance Laws; Suspect Arraigned In Mollie Tibbetts' MurderAug 23, 2018 Listen
All The President's Men; Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicates Pres. Trump; Trump Campaign Chair Convicted; Rep. Duncan Hunter Indicted; Michael Cohen's Years-Long Relationship With Donald TrumpAug 22, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Tells Reuters He Doesn't Have To Stay Out of Mueller Probe, Could "Run It" If He Wants; Reuters: Pres. Trump Won't Say If He'll Do Mueller Interview; Giuliani Taunts Brennan On Twitter; Charges Filed In Colorado Murders; Legal Jeopardy Looms FAug 21, 2018 Listen
Wash. Post: WH Drafts More Clearance Cancellations Demanded by Pres. Trump, Could be Released as Distractions to Unfavorable News; Pres. Trump Once Again Voices Support for Manafort as Criminal Trial Recesses for Week; Amid Jury Deliberations Pres. Trump Aug 18, 2018 Listen
dm. McRaven: Revoke My Security Clearance, Too, Mr. President; Dept. of Defense Postpones Military Parade Pres. Trump Wanted; Omarosa Manigault Newman's Publisher Tells Trump Campaign: We "Will Not Be Intimidated;" Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018Aug 17, 2018 Listen
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Responds to President's Thinly Veiled Threat to Revoke His Security Clearance; Prosecution's Closing Argument to Jury: Manafort Lied; Four-Year-Old Adopted Girl Faces Possible DeportationAug 16, 2018 Listen
EXCLUSIVE: Lynne Patton Responds to New Audio from Omarosa Manigault Newman; WH Falsely Claims Blanket Non-Disclosure Agreements Commonly Used By Past. Admins.;Stephen Miller's Uncle Calls Him an "Immigration Hypocrite;"Aug 15, 2018 Listen
Manigault Newsman Threatens to Release More WH Tapes; FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired Over Anti-Trump Texts; res. Trump Hits McCain on Health Care Vote, Again; White Supremacists Rally Again, Feel Emboldened By Pres. Trump;Aug 14, 2018 Listen
President Launches Broadside Against Protesting NFL Players as Charlottesville Anniversary Approaches; Pres. Trump's Private Attorneys Repeat Insistence of No "Perjury Trap" For Their Client; Fires Burns as Arson Suspect Appears in Court;Aug 11, 2018 Listen
Nunes: "We Have to Keep the Majority" to Protect Pres. Trump; Special Counsel's Office Cities "Ongoing Investigation" in Request to Keep Manafort Trial Discussion Secret; Spike Lee Connects Past to Present in New Film "BlacKkKlansman;"Aug 10, 2018 Listen
Rep. Collins Speaks After Insider Trading Charges; President's Legal Team Doesn't Want Questions it Considers a 'Perjury Trap; One-on-One with Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone; Marathon Algae Bloom Kills Marine Life in Southwest FloridaAug 09, 2018 Listen
Crucial Primary Races in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington State; Manafort's Defense Tries to Destroy Gates' Credibility; Largest Wildfire in California History Among 17 Now BurningAug 08, 2018 Listen
Rick Gates Takes The Stand As Star Witness For The Prosecution In Manafort Trial; Source: President Urged to Stop Tweeting About Trump Tower Meeting; Pres. Trump Questions LeBron James' IntelligenceAug 07, 2018 Listen
Accountants: Manafort Doctored Financial Statements; CNN: Mueller Team Interviews "Manhattan Madam;" Mueller Team Zeroes in on Manafort's Alleged Tax, Bank Fraud; A Tale of Two White Houses, Part Two; Pres. Trump Slams Russia Probe as a "Hoax" Hours AfterAug 04, 2018 Listen
Wait. Russia Is A Threat?; Prosecutors Highlight Paul Manafort's Lavish Spending, Bookkeeper Testifies He Was Broke By 2016; Alleged Russian Agent's Infiltration Of GOP Circles Anything But Subtle; Politico: Giuliani Says Pres. Trump To Make Mueller SitAug 03, 2018 Listen
Cleanup On Aisle One; With Presidential Encouragement; Growing Hostility Toward The Press Encouraged By Trump; Witnesses Detail Manafort's Lavish Lifestyle In Day 2 Of Trial; TSA Considering Eliminating Screening At Smaller Airports; Qanon Goes MainstreamAug 02, 2018 Listen
Mueller Team Portrays Manafort As A "Shrewd" Liar As Former Trump Campaign Chairman's Trial Begins; Manafort's Team Blames Associate As Trial Gets Underway; You'll Get Nothing, And You'll Like It ; Federal judge Blocks Release Of Blueprints For 3-D PrinteAug 01, 2018 Listen
Goalposts. Moving.; Wash. Post: US Spy Agencies See Signs That North Korea Is Working On New Missiles; Pres. Trump Brags About Putin Meeting Again; Pres. Trump Willing To Meet With Iranian With "No Preconditions"Jul 31, 2018 Listen
Where The Truth Lies; Difficult To Know Who's Telling The Truth; Pres. Trump, Michael Cohen Come Apart At Seams; White House Toggles Between Cohen Staging Epic Attack Against Pres. Trump, Strong Economic ReportJul 28, 2018 Listen
"Allen Knows Where All The Financial Bodies Are Buried"; NY Times: Mueller Examining Pres. Trump's Tweet About Sessions And Comey In Obstruction Probe; White House Says It Didn't "Ban" CNN Reporter; 711 Children Remain Separated At ReunificationJul 27, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 11; Republicans On Capitol Hill React To Recording; Pres. Trump Slams Cohen For Releasing Recording Of Them Discussing Hush Money For Former Playboy Model; The Summit Of SilenceJul 26, 2018 Listen
WH Ends Practice Of Summarizing Calls With Foreign Leaders; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 10; Official: Demi Lovato In Stable ConditionJul 25, 2018 Listen
Pot, Meet Kettle; Avenatti On Cohen Tapes; Woman Who Lost Nine Relatives In Boat Accident Speaks; Judge Grants Immunity For Five Witnesses In Manafort Case; Pres. Trump's All-Caps Tweet On Iran; Immediately Escalates International Tensions; Everything OldJul 24, 2018 Listen
"We Have No Knowledge Of Any Of This"; FBI Has Cohen Tape Of Trump Discussing Playmate Payment; Source: Mueller Wants To Talk To "Manhattan Madam" Who Once Worked For Roger Stone; More Information From Moscow About Meeting; None From White House;Jul 21, 2018 Listen
WH: Talks Underway On Second Trump-Putin Summit On Third Day Of Damage Control From Helsinki; New Poll: Most Americans Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Handling of Putin At Summit; Kremlin Starts Campaign To Free Alleged Russian Spy in U.S.Jul 20, 2018 Listen
"Very Strong," When No One Was Looking; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 7; Trump On Putin, Meddling: "I Let Him Know We Can't Have This"; Trump Slams Former Leaders Of U.S. Intelligence CommunityJul 19, 2018 Listen
Would, Wouldn't, Worst; President Says Just One Word To Blame For Helsinki Uproar; Do Pres. Trump's Helsinki Remarks Amount To Treason?; Grand Jury Indicts Russian Woman On Charges Of Being A SpyJul 18, 2018 Listen
That Was A First. Not The Good Kind; Pres. Trump Throws U.S. Intel Agencies Under Bus At Summit, Refuses To Say Putin Attacked 2016 Election ; GOP Lawmakers Call Pres. Trump's Summit Performance "Disgraceful", "Shameful", "Bizarre and Flat-Out Wrong" ; U.Jul 17, 2018 Listen
Hunting Witches...And Finding Them; Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Military Officers For Election Hacking; As Thousands Protest Against Pres. Trump In London, He Falsely Calls His Own Interview "Fake News"; Six-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Heard On Anguished Tape Jul 14, 2018 Listen
FBI Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts Defends Against Republican Claims Of Bias In Contentious Hearing; SUN Newspaper: Pres. Trump Says He Feels "Unwelcome" In LondonJul 13, 2018 Listen
How Does This Thing Work, Anyway?; Pres. Trump Slams NATO Allies In Brussels, Says Germany Is "Captive to Russia"; Top W.H. Official's Wife: Women In The Military Should Expect Sexual Harassment; Pace Of Immigrant Children Reunification Remains Slow; FirsJul 12, 2018 Listen
"One of The Greatest Acts Of American Generosity And Charity"; Chilly Reception; The New John Dean?; President Trump Blasts NATO On Eve of Summit, Says Putin Meeting Might Be "Easiest" Of His Trip; Judge Kavanaugh Begins His Rounds On Capitol Hill; OfficiJul 11, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court; Rescuers Resuming Efforts To Save Those In Thailand Cave; Federal Judge Rejects Trump Administration Bid To Detain Children For More Than 20 DaysJul 10, 2018 Listen
Where Are The Kids?; Manafort Bank Fraud Trial Has Trump Campaign Connection, According To Court Filing From Mueller Prosecutors; Pres. Trump Trashes GOP Legends; NY Times: Pres. Trump's Lawyers Set New Conditions For Mueller Interview, Says It's increasiJul 07, 2018 Listen
Scandal-Plagued Pruitt Resigns As EPA Administrator; Transparency Failure On Kids In Custody; Pres. Trump Closing In On His Court Nominee; Pompeo Heading For More Talks In N. Korea As Pres. Trump Shrugs Off Concerns; Rescuers: 6 Hours To Reach BoysJul 06, 2018 Listen
GOP's Jordan publicly denies knowledge of abuse at Ohio state; CNN: Trump's patience with EPA chief hits "tipping point"; CNN: Trump asked aides about possibility of invading Venezuela; Crews unsure how to free boys from cave in ThailandJul 04, 2018 Listen
GOP-Led Senate Panel Backs Up Intelligence Community Assessment That Putin Meddled In Election To Help Trump; Search Teams Unsure How To Free Trapped Soccer Team; CNN: U.S. Intel Agency Believes Kim Jong Un Won't Fully Denuclearize;Jul 04, 2018 Listen
Cohen: Loyalty Is To Family & Country Before Pres. Trump; Nuclear Wakeup Call; Some Democrats Call for Abolishing or Overhauling ICE; Whistleblower: Pruitt Scrubbed Official Calendar To Hide Meetings; Missing Soccer Team Found Alive, But Not Out Of DangeJul 03, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Will Announce Supreme Court Pick On July 9; Comedian Making Prank Call Says He Got Trump To Call Him From Air Force One; Vigil Going On In Annapolis, Maryland; Wife of Editor/Columnist Shares Her Memories; Pres. Trump Again Blames Pres. Obama Jun 30, 2018 Listen
Police: At Least 5 Dead, Multiple Wounded in Newspaper Shooting; Two Newspaper Writers Share What They Saw; Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein, Republicans Clash in Tense Hearing; CNN Questions About Immigrant Family Reunification Go Unanswered By HHSJun 29, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Gets Another Supreme Court Pick As Justice Kennedy Retires; Justice Kennedy's Legacy; Details of Trump-Putin Summit; Bill Shine Accepts Top White House Job; Late-Night Order By Federal Judge Threatens An Already Consuming Family Immigration PoJun 28, 2018 Listen
A Call For Civility...And Cash; If At First You Don't Succeed; Photo From "Team Mitch" Celebrates Court Ruling; Govt. Declines To Detail Reunification Process For More Than 2,000 Children Separated From Their Parents; Contests in 7 States; Romney Aims ForJun 27, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave the Gaslight On For You, PT 5; New Low For Political Discourse?; New Tweet, Same Old False Claim on Wiretapping;Jun 26, 2018 Listen
Confusion, Chaos and Cruel Words; Migrant Girl Finally Reconnects With Her Mom; Tweets And A Visit Overshadowed By A Bizarre Jacket: First Lady And Ivanka Trump React To Border Crisis; Refusing To Forget The Forgotten; Sen. Marco Rubio Talks To David AxelJun 23, 2018 Listen
The Artlessness of the Deal; Detained Children Cry Out For Their Mom And Dad; New York Governor Tours Facility For Detained Children; The Trauma of Separation; What Was The First Lady Thinking; Emails Suggest "Zero Tolerance" Effectively On Hold, Despite Jun 22, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Signs Exec. Order to End His Own Family Separation Policy; Does Nothing For Families Split Apart; Texas Charity Operates Dozens of Shelters, Schools For Separated Children; CEO Earns Millions;Jun 21, 2018 Listen
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, PT. 6; Source: Pres. Trump Told GOP Lawmakers That "The Crying Babies Doesn't Look Good Politically" ; Catholic Priest Lashes Out at "Zero Tolerance" Policy On Border; New Insight On Audio Of Separated ChildrenJun 20, 2018 Listen
Homeland Security Secretary Defends Controversial Separation Policy at U.S-Mexico Border; DHS Chief Denies Family Separation Amounts to "Child Abuse"; Trump Associates Reveal Contact With Russian in 2016Jun 19, 2018 Listen
Judge Orders Former Trump Campaign Chair Jailed; Trump Lawyers Believe They Can Use IG Report To Challenge Mueller Subpoena; The President VS. The Facts; Trump Told Shinzo Abe He'd Ship 25 Million Mexicans To Japan; CNN on Scene As Border Patrol Agents Jun 16, 2018 Listen
DOJ Watchdog: Comey Violated FBI Norms On Clinton Probe, But Not Politically Motivated; By Choice, Not By Accident; Inside A Border Shelter Housing Immigrant Children; Trump Foundation Sued; Expert Slams Pres. Trump For Saying N. Korea Not A Nuclear ThreaJun 15, 2018 Listen
Whose Party Is This Anyway?; Presidential Primary Clout And What It Means; Pres Trump: North Korea "No Longer A Nuclear Threat" ; Source: Cohen Would Not Be Shocked If He's Indicted; The RidiculistJun 14, 2018 Listen
Trump's Pledge to Stop "Provocative" Military Exercises Provokes Alarm And Confusion in Seoul And Washington; Pres Trump to Senator Graham: We Had A Good Initial Meeting With Kim Jung Un; President Trump on Kim Jung Un: "His Country Does Love Him"Jun 13, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump, Kim Jong Un Arrive At Summit Site; Trump Tweets That Larry Kudlow Has Suffered A Heart Attack, Is In Walter Reed Medical CenterJun 12, 2018 Listen
Remembering Anthony BourdainJun 09, 2018 Listen
Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West Talks to CNN About The Commuted Sentence For Alice Marie Johnson; Exonerated Member of Central Park 5 Speaks Out; First Lady Melania Trump's Office Fires Back at Rudy Giuliani; Pres. Trump Escalates War of Words With Allies;Jun 08, 2018 Listen
Alice Marie Johnson, Daughter, Reunited For First Time Following Her Release From Prison, After Pres. Trump Commutes Her Sentence; Pres. Trump Considering at Least 30 New Pardons; Former Fox News Military Analyst Speaks Out; Stormy Daniels Files Lawsuit AJun 07, 2018 Listen
Moving the Goalpost; Stone Wall Rising; Iconic Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Her Apartment; D'Souza's Prosecution Conspiracy TheoryJun 06, 2018 Listen
Is The President Above the Law?; Pardoned Conservative Firebrand Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Cancels Philadelphia Eagles' WH Visit Over Anthem Dispute; Mueller's Office Accusing Paul Manafort of Attempted Witness Tampering; Apple Announces New FeaturesJun 05, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump: June 12 Summit With Kim Jong Un Is Back On; Presidential Double Standard?; "Parts Unknown" In Hong Kong Sunday At 9PM ETJun 02, 2018 Listen
It's Good To Be The King; Reluctance On Racism?; Samantha Bee's Vulgar Remark About Ivanka Trump Sparks Backlash; Trump Silent on Estimated 4,600+ Deaths in Puerto Rico;Jun 01, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Silent on Roseanne Barr's Racism, Instead Attacks ABC for Apologizing; Roseanne Barr's Ex-Husband Speaks Out; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So, Pt. 3May 31, 2018 Listen
ABC Cancels "Roseanne" After Star's Racist Tweet; Pres. Trump Asked Sessions To Retain Control Of Russia Probe After His Recusal, Mueller Team Investigating;May 30, 2018 Listen
Trump Unleashes on Mueller Investigation, Calls it "Rigged"; Trump Honors Fallen Service Members at Arlington; Trump Administration Loses Track of 1400+ Immigrant Children; Storm Alberto Nearing Landfall on Florida's Panhandle; RFK JR. Want Probe of FatheMay 29, 2018 Listen
NSC Confirms Talks Back On With North Korea; Russian Oligarch Met With Cohen 11 Days Before Inauguration;May 26, 2018 Listen
North Korea Reacts To Pres. Trump Canceling Summit; CNN: Special Counsel And Trump's Lawyers Discussed January Date For Presidential Interview With Mueller;May 25, 2018 Listen
Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So, PT. 2;May 24, 2018 Listen
CNN: Trump Lawyers Make Offer For Mueller to Interview the President, Want to Limit or Eliminate Obstruction Questions; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So; Carter Page Speaks Out on Confidential FBI Source;May 23, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Meets With Top Justice, FBI And Intel Officials After He "Hereby" Demands Probe Of Campaign "Spy" Claim; NY Times: Before Election, Donald Trump Jr. Met UAE And Saudi Arabia Emissary Offering To Help Trump Campaign WinMay 22, 2018 Listen
Ten Killed, Ten Wounded In Texas High School Shooting;May 19, 2018 Listen
A Year Of Mueller Time; Team Trump Pounds Away At Mueller Investigation;May 18, 2018 Listen
Giuliani: Mueller Told Trump Team President Can't Be Indicted; New Information Revealed About Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Questions Surround A Mystery Phone Call;May 17, 2018 Listen
North Korea Threatens To Pull Out Of U.S. Summit, Suspends Talks With South Over Military Exercise;NY Times: Justice Dept., FBI Are Investigating Cambridge Analytica;May 16, 2018 Listen
Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Procedure; Will Remain Hospitalized Through The Week; Palestinian Ministry Of Health: At Least 58 Killed In Gaza As U.S. Opens New Embassy In Jerusalem;May 15, 2018 Listen
WH Won't Apologize for Aides' Cruel McCain Joke; WH Doesn't Deny Trump Aide Made Insulting McCain Joke as Calls Grow for Aide to be Fired; Kelly: Undocumented Immigrants Lack Skills to Assimilate; The Trump Cabinet: The Long List of Who Threatened to QuitMay 12, 2018 Listen
WH Aide On McCain Opposition To Hapsel As Next CIA Chief: "He's Dying Anyway"; New CNN Poll: Only 17% Of Republicans Approve of MuellerMay 11, 2018 Listen
Sources: Cohen Pitched Himself Promising Access To Trump;Source On Cohen's Pitch To Potential Clients: "...You Should Fire Them All, I'm The Guy You Should Hire, I'm Closest To The President";May 10, 2018 Listen
Stormy Daniels' Atty: Cohen Received Approx. $500K After The Election From Company Linked To Russian Oligarch With Ties To Pres. PutinMay 09, 2018 Listen
WSJ: Trump Layers Hope To Decides By May 17 On Mueller Interview, Faced Frequent Interruptions At Practice Session; First Lady Unveils To Help Children, Includes Plan To Combat Cyberbullying; Lava Consumes At Least 26 Homes On Hawaii's Big Island;May 08, 2018 Listen
WH Legal Team: Giuliani Performance A "S**t Show"; WSJ: Trump's Lawyer Micheal Cohen Took Out Lines Of Credit To Secure Access To As Much As $774,000 As Campaign Heated Up; Pres. Trump Assures NRA He's On Their Side;May 05, 2018 Listen
White House Struggles With New Stormy Daniels Story; Will Ivanka Trump Be Called As A Witness; Confusion Over Status Of 3 American Detainees In North Korea;May 04, 2018 Listen
The Story Denied, The Story Now Confirmed; Giuliani: Pres. Trump Open To An Interview If Mueller's Team Is Open To The Possibility "Comey May Be Lying";May 03, 2018 Listen
Rosenstein Warns GOP: Justice Dept. Won't Be Extorted; Wash. Post: Mueller Raised Possibility Of Presidential Subpoena In Meeting With Pres. Trump's Legal Team; 17 More Migrants Accepted For Asylum Processing;May 02, 2018 Listen
Source: Kelly Said The President Was Becoming "Unhinged;" Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Suit Against Pres. Trump; VP Pence's Physician Alerted WH About Ronny Jackson Last Fall; Wall of Untruth; Pres. Trump Says "I've Been 100% Right" As Israel Claims ToMay 01, 2018 Listen
House Intel Republicans Find "No Evidence" Trump Campaign Colluded Even As New Details Surface; Sources: Dr. Jackson Ran A "Grab And Go" Clinic With Easy Access To Drugs For WH Staffers; War & Peace & The President; House Chaplain Forced Out, Lawmakers DeApr 28, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Admits for First Time Cohen Represented Him In Stormy Daniels Case; Prosecutors Use Trump's Own Words Against Him; Historic Korean Summit Underway; Kim Jong Un Is First North Korean Leader To Step Foot Into South Korea; Jackson Withdraws As VAApr 27, 2018 Listen
Town Hall With James ComeyApr 26, 2018 Listen
Pres. Trump Meets With VA Pick; Source Says Dr. Ronny Jackson Is Not Withdrawing For Now; Source: White House Debating If Pruitt Can Stay At EPA; Pres. Trump, First Lady Host French President At First State DinnerApr 25, 2018 Listen
Former Pres. George H.W. Bush In Intensive Care; WH Won't Rule Out Pardon For Cohen; A Question Of "Breeding'"; Suspect in Custody After Day-Long ManhuntApr 24, 2018 Listen
North Korea announces shutdown of Nuclear test site ahead of Trump summit; Washington Post: Sessions tells White House he might quit if Rosenstein is fired; NYT: Maybe Michael Cohen won't "take a bullet" for Trump anymoreApr 21, 2018 Listen
Rudy Giuliani Joins Pres. Trump's Personal Legal Team; WH: Pres. Trump Will Not Go To Barbara Bush's Funeral;Apr 20, 2018 Listen
New Trump Comments On Russia Investigation; Pres. Trump Now Says Russia Will Face New Sanctions "When The Time Is Right";Southwest Pilot Praised For "Nerves Of Steel"Apr 19, 2018 Listen
Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dead At 92Apr 18, 2018 Listen