Relationship Call, Regina King Interview, Gladys Knight Story, Cardi B., NFL Game Talk, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 18, 2019 Listen
Steve B-day Stories, Questions, 01-17 Shout Outs, Sheryl Underwood, Big Dog Rapid Fire, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 17, 2019 Listen
Birthday Questions, Pastor Gray Talk, LA Teachers Strike, Travis Scott, R. Kelly Conversation, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 15, 2019 Listen
Kevin Hart, Oscar Drama, The Upside, Trump and The Wall, Rapid Fire, Eagles, Show Close and more.Jan 14, 2019 Listen
Kevin Hart, Oscar Drama, The Upside, Trump and The Wall, Rapid Fire, Eagles, Show Close and more.Jan 11, 2019 Listen
Financial Statement, K Hart, Meek Mill, R. Kelly, Beyonce, Sheryl Underwood, Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 10, 2019 Listen
Trump Speech, Steve's Diet, The Wall, Kells Investigation, New Year Goals, Obama Ave., Jimmy Kimmel, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 09, 2019 Listen
NYE Resolutions, Sand and Soul Festival, National Poetry Day, Trump Statement, Comedy Roulette, Cyntoia Brown, IRS, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 08, 2019 Listen
Jackson and Dayton, Church Complaints, R. Kelly, NFL and NBA Talk, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 07, 2019 Listen
Things Said In An Argument, Trapped In A Bathroom, Neighbors, Little Mean Things, Steve Falls Asleep, Pimps Cry, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 02, 2019 Listen
Hall Passes, Weirdest Thing, Cutoff Age, MTH, Comedy Roulette, Longest SBL, Closing Remarks and more.Jan 01, 2019 Listen
Things Millennials Say, Black Phrases, Raising Millennials, Comedy Roulette, FWB, Commercials We Can't Stand, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 27, 2018 Listen
The Day After, Animals, Know A Person, None of Your Business, MTH, Comedy Roulette, Broke Folks, Ask The CEO, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 26, 2018 Listen
Phrases to Avoid, Pass It, Time Honored Tradition, Losing Sleep, MTH, See Your Ex, Social Media, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 21, 2018 Listen
Things Will Happen, Monkey Story, MTH, Comedy Roulette, Sidepiece Santa Claus, Black Folks Timeline, Getting Fat, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 19, 2018 Listen
4 Gifts X-mas, MTH, Who Invented, Comedy Roulette, Right or Wrong, Games You Can't Play, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 18, 2018 Listen
2018 Description, Obamacare, Go Home for X-mas, Couples NY Resolution, Side Piece Story, Who Said What, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 14, 2018 Listen
Foods You Eat When Sick, Michael Cohen, What It Was, Ellen DeGeneres, Reality Update, Oscars, Sand and Soul, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 13, 2018 Listen
NFL, Pastors, Quincy Jones, Bangkok, MTH, Evil X-Mas, Pimpin', Obama and Trump, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 10, 2018 Listen
Christmas, Kevin Hart, Bad Acting Theater, Pimpin' NFL, DMX, Golden Globes, Tyler Perry, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 07, 2018 Listen
X-mas Carols, Cardi B., Ryan YouTube, George Bush, Sheryl Underwood, Miss Carla's Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 06, 2018 Listen
X-mas Moments and Traditions, Kevin Hart, Miss Ann, Joy Behar, Joe Biden, Robert Mueller, Workaholic, Dr. Roni, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 05, 2018 Listen
Colonoscopy, Grammy Nominations, Eddie Murphy, Kareem Hunt, Ready To Love, Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, Aussie 30K, Closing Remarks and more.Dec 04, 2018 Listen
Browns Lost, Yolanda Adams, GHWB, Magic Johnson, Fight Talk, Games You Can't Play and Why, NFL Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Dec 03, 2018 Listen
Christmas Tree Shortage, Chante Moore, Stevie Wonder, MTH, Pimpin', NFL Picks, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 30, 2018 Listen
Forbes List, Benjamin Crump, NY Resolution, Sheryl Underwood, Carla's Reality Update, Supa Cent, Blacc Chyna, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 29, 2018 Listen
Mississippi Election, Ava DuVernay, Toni Braxton, Season To Get Busy, Reality Update, Abu Dhabi, Trip For Black People, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 28, 2018 Listen
Steve Is Back, Diamond Story, Marjorie, Lottery Find LA, Mississippi Runoff, Comedy Roulette, Tree Off, Giving Tuesday, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 27, 2018 Listen
Ignut Opening, Staying Too Long, Who Should Host, Losing Sleep, MTH, Who To Bring, Gifts Xmas, Comedy Roulette, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 21, 2018 Listen
Opening Contest, Ask Steve, Dressing Pants, Things You Eat, Breakup Handbook, Roach Story, MTH, Merle Dandridge, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 20, 2018 Listen
Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Steve VS Tommy, Michelle Obama Interview, Travis Scott, Racist Mississippi, George Lopez, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 13, 2018 Listen
CA Wild Fires, Church Complaints, Veteran's Day, FL Recount, WVP, Proven Facts, NFL Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Nov 12, 2018 Listen
El Chapo, Petty, Thousand Oaks Shooting, Comedy Roulette, Sheryl Underwood, Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 08, 2018 Listen
Election Day, Stacey Abrams, RiRi and Wesley, Bakari Sellers, Oregon, Ask Steve Voting Questions and more.Nov 06, 2018 Listen
No Weapon Formed, Church Complaints, Dave Chapelle, Ted Cruz, Obama, People Who Don't Vote, NFL Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Nov 05, 2018 Listen
It's Friday, Voting and Oprah, Tiffany Haddish Interview, Bad Acting Theater, NFL Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Nov 02, 2018 Listen
The CEO is Sanging, Trump in Pittsburgh, The Manns, J-Lo, Sheryl Underwood, Pimpin', Steve Voting, Closing Remarks and more.Nov 01, 2018 Listen
Crime Shows, Migrant Caravan, Kanye West T-Shirts, MTH, Michelle Obama, Comedy Roulette, Pimpin' Head Coach, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 30, 2018 Listen
Steve is back, Tommy's behavior, The Pastors, Synagogue Shooting, Midterm Elections, Pimpin', Things Kids Say Today, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 29, 2018 Listen
Bombing Stories, Bakari Sellars, OTR Tour II, Sheryl Underwood, Reality Update, Dating, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 25, 2018 Listen
Mega Millions Billionaire, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Nephew Tommy, Megyn Kelly, Midterm Elections, Bill Cosby, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 24, 2018 Listen
Mega Billionaire, Will Packer Interview, Midterm Elections, World Series, Rae Carruth, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 23, 2018 Listen
Happy Monday, Weekend Review, Church Complaints, Stephen A. Smith, NFL Week 7 Pimpin', Money Talk and more.Oct 22, 2018 Listen
Happy Friday, Voting Announcement, Kirk Franklin, MTH, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, The Chapmans, NFL Talk, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 19, 2018 Listen
Trump and Horseface, TI, BET Awards, Chance and Kanye, Brothel and Sermon, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 17, 2018 Listen
Kanye West and Trump, Church Complaints, SNL, MTH, 60 Minutes, Mid-Term Elections, Tommy Mobile Home, Thick or Thin Books and more.Oct 15, 2018 Listen
Happy Friday Everybody, Mr. Calhoun, Jim Brown, Kanye, MTH, Storm Update, NFL Picks and more.Oct 12, 2018 Listen
Happy Friday, Pastors, Kanye, Kavanaugh, Murder The Hit, Chapmans, Pimpin' NFL, LaQuan McDonald, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 05, 2018 Listen
Golf Talk, Forbes List, Presidential Text, Kavanaugh, Sheryl Underwood, Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Oct 04, 2018 Listen
Uber Story, Bill Cosby, Samuel L. Jackson, Trump Taxes and Rallies, Work Until Death, 225 Million Phones Closing Remarks and more.Oct 03, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh, Jennifer Hudson, Chrissy Teigan, Tommy Nashville, Pimpin' NFL, Closing Remarks and more.Sep 28, 2018 Listen
The Cleveland Browns, Church Complaints, Tiger Woods, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Yale University, NFL Talk, Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Sep 24, 2018 Listen
Cleveland Browns, Suge Knight, MTH, Nick Cannon, Bad Acting Theater, Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Sep 21, 2018 Listen
Tommy is Back, On The Run Tour, Emmy Awards, Dherbs, Vontae Davis Retirement, Hurricane Florence, Closing Remarks and more.Sep 18, 2018 Listen
17th Anniversary 911, Bad Black Men, Benjamin Crump, Nasty House, Beard, Beyonce, George Zimmerman, Closing Remarks and more.Sep 11, 2018 Listen
White House Trump, Burt Reynolds, MTH Lebron, Colin Kaepernick, Chapman's, NFL, Pimpin', Closing Remarks and more.Sep 07, 2018 Listen
NFL Talk, Bobby Brown, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Tommy VS Junior, Old VS Young, Carla's Reality Update, Power, Closing Remarks and more.Sep 06, 2018 Listen
Tommy is Back, BET The Bobby Brown Story, Nike, Voter Talk, Humpday Confessions, Show Close and more.Sep 05, 2018 Listen
Favorite Moments Show Labor Day SpecialSep 03, 2018 Listen
RIP Aretha Franklin The Queen of SoulAug 31, 2018 Listen
We Celebrate The Life of Aretha Franklin Tribute ShowAug 17, 2018 Listen
Happy Friday, Older Men and Younger Women, Longest SBL EVER, Miss Ann, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Naeda VS Tommy, Closing Remarks and more.Aug 10, 2018 Listen
Dice Rollers, Cougars, Younger Men, MTH Halo, The Plumber, Three's Company, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Dawn VS Tommy, Evvie McKinney Interview, Closing Remarks and more.Aug 03, 2018 Listen
Cubicle Workers, LBJ, iPromise, Bow Wow, Miss Ann, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Lavaughn VS Tommy, Cheating, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 31, 2018 Listen
Mom and Daddy, This Past Weekend, Church Complaints, Denzel Washington, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Pray For Toronto, Hot Checks At The Church, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Karen VS Tommy, Carla's Reality Update, Weekend Confessions and so much more.Jul 23, 2018 Listen
AC Techs, Treasonous Bromance, Obamas and Cardi B., Emmanuel VS Tommy, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Stalkarazzi Alert, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 17, 2018 Listen
CW's, Random Questions, Comedy Roulette, Linda VS Tommy, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Fool #1, Dr. Habib, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 13, 2018 Listen
Places You Can Eat For Free At, Drake and Serena Williams, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps, Tamela VS Tommy, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, NFL Buffalo Bills, George Clooney, Can You Be Friends With Your Ex and more.Jul 11, 2018 Listen
Trump, Beyonce, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Yo Mama, OG, Passwords, TSA, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 10, 2018 Listen
Steve's $1 Million Dollars, Are You Smarter Than Tommy, Tiffany Haddish, Rev. Adnoid, Sexlationship, Viral Dance, Weekend Confessions, Morning Inspiration and more.Jul 09, 2018 Listen
Women and Arguments, Threesomes, Ask The CEO, Men In Distress, Cheating Husband, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 05, 2018 Listen
Living With Someone, Depressing Places, Family Cloth, Top 10, Murder The Hit, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 04, 2018 Listen
Neighbors, Broke Millennials, Parenthood, Comedy Roulette, Mind Your Own Business, Cutting People Off, Closing Remarks and more!Jul 03, 2018 Listen
Pastors, Man In The Streets, Settling, Lizards, LBJ, Roadtrip, Relationships, Closing Remarks and more.Jul 02, 2018 Listen
Burger King and Ford, Too Old Or Not, Antwon Rose Jr., Mass Shooting, Vegans, Cookout, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 29, 2018 Listen
Curtis Shaw, Budget BBQ, Joe Jackson, Johnny Gill, Magic Johnson, LA Lakers, Sheryl Underwood, Carla's Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 28, 2018 Listen
Obama VS Trump, BBQ Stories, Cardi B., Marital Advice, James Harden, Kanye, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 27, 2018 Listen
IHOB, Antwon Rose Jr., Permit Patty, Comedy Roulette, Trump, Jimmy Fallon, Bourbon, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 26, 2018 Listen
The BET Awards, Michael Jackson, Weekend Confessions, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 25, 2018 Listen
85 South Show Podcast, Homeland Security, Young Lions of Comedy, Law of Attraction, DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, Chico Bean, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 22, 2018 Listen
Trump Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy, How To Vacation On a Budget, Fox News, Terrell Owens, Carla's Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 21, 2018 Listen
Tiffany Haddish, Ice Cube, Lebron James, Running Into Your Ex, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 20, 2018 Listen
Mentoring Camp Recap, Big Dog's Credit Card, Trump Immigration Laws, Marriage Advice, Parenting, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 19, 2018 Listen
Mentoring Camp For Older Family Members, Church Announcements, Omari Hardwick, Bill Cosby, Maxim Hot 100, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 18, 2018 Listen
Mentoring Camp, Jamie Foxx, Baby Daddy, Murder The Hits, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 15, 2018 Listen
Mentoring Camp, Bill Cosby, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Underwood, Carla's Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 14, 2018 Listen
Dennis Rodman, Jada Pinkett, Kim Jong Un, Earth Wind and Fire, Junkie With A Monkey, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 13, 2018 Listen
Duh, Robert De Niro, IHOB, USC, Dancing Doctor, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 12, 2018 Listen
Warriors Win NBA Finals, Church Complaints, Celebrity Family Feud, Anthony Bourdain, Dentist Visit, Chris Rock, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 11, 2018 Listen
Stephen A. Smith, Brandi Harvey, Kim Kardashian, Bey and Jay, Murder The Hits, Tiger Woods, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 08, 2018 Listen
Happy Birthday Prince, Kate Spade, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Sheryl Underwood, Carla's Reality Update, Whitney Houston, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 07, 2018 Listen
Roscoe Wallace, Philadelphia Eagles, Donald Trump, Peabo Bryson and Terry Lewis, NBA Rule, Starbucks, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 06, 2018 Listen
Cougars, Tamia and Grant Hill, The Last O.G., Facebook, Serena Williams, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 05, 2018 Listen
The Dubs are 2-0, Lebron Suit, Buffalo Wild Wings, Stephen A. Smith, Kanye, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 04, 2018 Listen
Warriors Come Out And Play. Pusha T and Drizzy. Slurred Lines With J. Anthony Brown. WNBA, Sand and Soul, Closing Remarks and more.Jun 01, 2018 Listen
High Road, BET Awards, Kim K, Prayer for CAVS, Closing Remarks and more.May 31, 2018 Listen
Roseanne Barr, The Best Type of Relations, Gym Etiquette, Tomfoolery, NBA GOAT, Closing Remarks and more.May 30, 2018 Listen
The NBA Finals is coming. Morgan Freeman is in the news. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have their honeymoon. Weekend Confessions, Closing Remarks and more.May 29, 2018 Listen
Messed Up Things People Do In Your Car. Depressing Places. Fat Panther is here. Suspected Infidelity. Who's is it? Closing Remarks and more.May 28, 2018 Listen
Drive Thru Workers, Foot Doctor, Fat Guys, Pranks, Fun Facts, Closing Remarks and more.May 25, 2018 Listen
Junior is the resident Don Juan. What is wrong with Kells? Sheryl Underwood and the State of Georgia. BBQ, Closing Remarks, and more.May 24, 2018 Listen
Hip Hop Trivia, The Gracie Awards Recap, Monkey Business, Junior with the LIVE Strawberry Letter, Closing Remarks and more.May 23, 2018 Listen
An ex-girlfriend at The Royal Wedding. Shirley Strawberry shows why she is the baddest. Top 5 NBA Players. Closing Remarks and more.May 22, 2018 Listen
The Royal Wedding Takes Place. Brand New Junior. Janet Jackson At The Billboard Music Awards. Closing Remarks and more.May 21, 2018 Listen
Happy Birthday Nephew Tommy! Fool #1 makes it to the Kiss Cam. Royal Wedding is tomorrow. Mrs. Harvey has a social media story. The Closing Remarks and more.May 18, 2018 Listen
Cardi B. Photo Op. Will Smith Throwback picture. Oprah Speaks about the TRUTH. Sheryl Underwood stops by. Steve gives us his Closing Remarks which talks about association and more.May 17, 2018 Listen
Kevin Hart has a reboot. The Longest Strawberry Letter is discussed. Meghan Markle as Duchess. Melania Trump and John Cena. Closing Remarks and more.May 16, 2018 Listen
Gambling maybe legalized in a dozen more cities. Tommy's Mother Kate checks in to talk about Tommy. The Strawberry Letter is the longest in history. Cardi B. fires back and Taraji P. Henson is taken! The Closing Remarks tells us to always be ourselves and more.May 15, 2018 Listen
Family Feud. Chadwick Boseman Delivers. Childish Gambino and Being Black in America. Closing Remarks and more.May 14, 2018 Listen
Mother's Day is happening this weekend. Stevie Wonder also has a birthday. Gabrielle Union has a new movie. Closing Remarks and more.May 11, 2018 Listen
Church, LA Earthquake, Kanye West, Million Dollar DNA, Hot Garbage, Closing Remarks and more.May 10, 2018 Listen
Gabrielle Union and Jada Pinkett Smith squash the beef. Did the Praise Dancers have a checkered past? George Zimmerman is back in news. 2 Chainz proposes. The Closing Remarks and more.May 09, 2018 Listen
Family Feud makes TMZ. Childish Gambino drops new heat. Melania Trump unveils her platform. The Cavaliers win. Closing Remarks and more.May 08, 2018 Listen
Steve and the crew are back! Kevin Hart and his private plane. Donald Trump and Kanye, Lebron James, Mother's Day, Closing Remarks and more.May 07, 2018 Listen
Meek Mill and Lester Holt, Kevin Hart, Cinco de Mayo, Musty Son, Closing Remarks and more.May 04, 2018 Listen
Kanye West is STILL trending. NBA Sports Talk, A Wedding and a Funeral, Closing Remarks and more.May 03, 2018 Listen
Kanye West and his Slavery comment, Daz from Tha Dogg Pound on the LA Sheriff's radar, Dave Chappelle supports Michelle Wolf, and more.May 02, 2018 Listen
Colin Kaepernick, Trump, Kim Kardashian, James Harden, Closing Remarks and more.May 01, 2018 Listen
Steve gets another Emmy, Dennis Rodman and North Korea, YouTube, Sports Talk, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 30, 2018 Listen
It's Friday! Beyonce in church, Kanye controversy, FBI, Hair Pulling, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 27, 2018 Listen
Derek Fisher, Stormy Daniels, Meek Mill, Carla's Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 26, 2018 Listen
Tracy Morgan, Meek Mill, Parenting, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 25, 2018 Listen
Melania Trump, Waffle House, Tiffany Haddish, Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 24, 2018 Listen
Beyonce, Trump, Jack Johnson, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 23, 2018 Listen
Fabolous, Time Magazine, Prom Season, Dr. Habib Sadeghi, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 20, 2018 Listen
Barbara Bush, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 19, 2018 Listen
Steve and Tommy have a little hate. Cardi B./Nicki Beef??? Sean Hannity is in news. Dwayne Wade and Kevin Hart smack talk and more.Apr 18, 2018 Listen
Toni Braxton, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Taxes, and more!Apr 17, 2018 Listen
Beyonce, James Comey, Starbucks, Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more.Apr 16, 2018 Listen
It's Friday The 13th. Snoop, Mariah, Al Green, Closing Remarks and Have a Great Weekend!Apr 13, 2018 Listen
Mc Donald's, Ice Cube, Lakers, Khloe, Reality Update, Closing Remarks and more!Apr 12, 2018 Listen
Bill Cosby, Cardi B, and Conor McGregor are making headlines.Apr 11, 2018 Listen
Big Dog is back. He is the #1 TV celebrity. Cedric The Entertainer stops by. Nephew Tommy and his prank Oaktreeosity. Reality Update with Carla and more!Apr 10, 2018 Listen
Happy Monday. Cardi B, Tiger Woods, SNL, Keith Sweat and more!Apr 09, 2018 Listen
Trump and the wall. The Chapman's are back. Spring Cleaning and more!Apr 06, 2018 Listen
Tiger Woods has all eyes on him. 50 Cent is scared of Acrimony. He has a funny story about his Talk Show and more!Apr 05, 2018 Listen
Death Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. Bill Cosby is still making headlines. Does Steve make a comeback, Closing Remarks and more!Apr 04, 2018 Listen
Steve and the Crew continue to talk about Stormy Daniels, Jussie Smollett stops by, Beyonce has been bitten, and The Closing Remarks goes in about the importance of accountability and more!Apr 04, 2018 Listen
Stephon Clark's Autopsy reveal. Netflix has job openings. The White House has an Easter Egg Hunt. Villanova wins NCAA Championship and more!Apr 03, 2018 Listen
It's the Monday after Easter and the crew is back. Jesus Christ Superstar wins Sunday Night Ratings, Fool #1 pranks a 47 year church usher veteran, Egypt Sherrod stops by and more! Apr 02, 2018 Listen
Happy Friday. Easter Sunday, The Sacramento Kings, Tyler Perry, Thinking Big, Have a Great Weekend and more!Mar 30, 2018 Listen
2nd Amendment, Migos, Toys R Us, Reality Update and more!Mar 29, 2018 Listen
Stormy Daniels Hits Record Ratings on 60 Minutes, Fool #1 has to get his Comb and Brush, Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Talks to the Show and more!Mar 27, 2018 Listen
March for Our Lives, Sidepiece Chronicles, Work on Your Dreams and more!Mar 26, 2018 Listen
Donald Trump Jr. is caught up, Facebook Betrayal, Toni Braxton Stops by, and more!Mar 23, 2018 Listen
Steve Told Us so about Stormy Daniels, Jay talks his birthday celebration, BET has a new show Man Cave, and Steve talks about the importance of Perseverance Mar 22, 2018 Listen
Gun Control Talk, Vasectomies and March Madness, Bucket Fed, The Secret and moreMar 21, 2018 Listen
Bruno Mars is the Baddest today, Blue Ivy bids $19,000, March Madness along with more details for Sand and SoulMar 20, 2018 Listen
Jeff Sessions fires McCabe, Beyonce and Jay-Z Go On The Run II, and Little Big Shots returns for Season 3Mar 19, 2018 Listen
Steve Goes to the Dentist, Diddy Wants The Carolina Panthers, What's Your Rapper Name and moreMar 16, 2018 Listen
Steve Goes To The DMV, The National School Walkout, Sister Odell and moreMar 15, 2018 Listen
Family Cloth, Betsy DeVos, Cheating Stories and moreMar 14, 2018 Listen
Snow White and the Seven Workers, NCAA Men's Tournament, Depressing Places and moreMar 13, 2018 Listen
Last Day At Disney World, OJ's Confession?, March Madness Predictions & moreMar 12, 2018 Listen
Disney Dreamers Program, Losing Sleep Over Work, Bad Acting Theater and moreMar 09, 2018 Listen
Day 2 at Disney World, International Womens Day, Mason Pryor and moreMar 08, 2018 Listen
Billionaires, Stormy vs Trump, Mary J. Blige and moreMar 07, 2018 Listen
The Fat Panther, Donald Trump at the Gridiron Dinner, OJ Simpson and moreMar 06, 2018 Listen
Oscar Recap, Rick Ross Hospitalized, Barack Obama's Basketball Team Pick and moreMar 05, 2018 Listen
Delta Airlines vs The NRA, The Oscars, The Chapmans and moreMar 02, 2018 Listen
Dick's Sporting Goods bans Assault Rifles, Showtime at the Apollo, A Sand and Soul Update, Comedian Earthquake and moreMar 01, 2018 Listen
Dwayne Wade Honors Shooting Victim, Delta vs the NRA, Philadelphia Wants Lebron and moreFeb 28, 2018 Listen
Oprah on Negativity, Chris Brown vs. Chris Rock, Drake Donates 1 Million Dollars and moreFeb 27, 2018 Listen
Winter Olympics, Gun Control, Embarrassing Moments, Kardashians on Celebrity Family Feud and moreFeb 26, 2018 Listen
President Trump & Gun Control, Winter Olympics, The Chapmans and moreFeb 23, 2018 Listen
The Gun Control Debate Continues, Black Panther, Carla's Reality Update and more.Feb 22, 2018 Listen
Gun Control Debate, Steve Harvey's Roach Story, KFC and more.Feb 21, 2018 Listen
Trump, Oprah and Gun ControlFeb 20, 2018 Listen
Happy President's DayFeb 20, 2018 Listen
Happy Friday and Enjoy NBA All-Star Weekend - 2.16.18Feb 16, 2018 Listen
Winter Olympic Updates, Celebrating Lent, NBA All Star Weekend, Carla's Reality Update and more...Feb 15, 2018 Listen
Happy Valentine's Day, The Winter Olympics, Omarosa, Snoop Dogg on BET Social Awards and moreFeb 14, 2018 Listen
Mardis Gra/Fat Tuesday, Winter Olympics Update, Valentine's Day Plans, Black Panther and more.Feb 13, 2018 Listen
The Winter Olympics, Dog Meat On The Menu, Quincy Jones Interview, Valentine's Day Tip and more.Feb 12, 2018 Listen
The Winter Olympics, Quincy Jones Vulture Interview, Stephen A. Smith on Big Cleveland Trade, Mike Epps on BET Social Awards and more.Feb 09, 2018 Listen
Ne-Yo Interview, Philadelphia Eagles Parade, Girl Scout Cookies, Black Panther and more.Feb 08, 2018 Listen
Philadelphia Eagles Parade, President Trump's Interview with Robert Mueller, National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and more.Feb 08, 2018 Listen
Philadelphia Eagles Skip The White House, Valentine's Day Dos & Don'ts and Bud Light Owes Philly Fans BeerFeb 06, 2018 Listen
Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions, Favorite Super Bowl Commercials, Justin Timberlake's Halftime Performance and more.Feb 05, 2018 Listen
President Trump's Ratings for The State of the Union Address, Groundhog Day, Super Bowl Sunday, NBA and moreFeb 02, 2018 Listen
Favorite Super Bowl Snacks, Carla's Reality Update, Valentine's Day Tips and more.Feb 01, 2018 Listen
Kevin Hart's Irresponsible Tour, President Trump's State of the Union Address and Philadelphia EaglesJan 31, 2018 Listen
President Trump's State of The Union Address, Jay-Z on Trump, Super Bowl and Patriot Fans Ban things made famous by Philadelphia Jan 30, 2018 Listen
The Grammys, Van Jones Interview with Jay-Z and Trump's State of the Union speechJan 29, 2018 Listen
President Trump Russian Interference, Van Jones Interview, Super Bowl and Great Things Will HappenJan 26, 2018 Listen
President Trump, Financial Secrets, Carla's Reality Update & Oscar NominationsJan 25, 2018 Listen
The Government Shutdown, Mary J. Blige and Netflix Boycott 1-24-18Jan 25, 2018 Listen
The Government Shutdown, the SuperBowl and Monique rant 1-23-18Jan 24, 2018 Listen
Women's March, Government Shutdown & Mo'Nique Rant 1-22-18Jan 22, 2018 Listen
Steve Birthday Celebration Continued - 01.18.18Jan 20, 2018 Listen
Happy Born Day Big Dog - 01.17.18Jan 20, 2018 Listen
The NAACP Image Awards Winners - 01.16.18Jan 20, 2018 Listen
The Road To Success is Always Under Construction - 01.19.18Jan 20, 2018 Listen
Martin Luther King Day - 01.15.18Jan 15, 2018 Listen
Taraji P Henson Stops By - 01.12.18Jan 15, 2018 Listen
DJ Khaled on Steve We The Best Another One - 01.11.18Jan 15, 2018 Listen
New Year Endless Possiblities - 01.09.17Jan 10, 2018 Listen
Oprah and The Golden Globes - 01.08.18Jan 09, 2018 Listen
Happy Monday Favorite Moments - 12.18.17Dec 18, 2017 Listen
Junior's Bragging Rights Have a Great Weekend - 12.08.17Dec 18, 2017 Listen
Happy Holidays and Have a Great Weekend - 12.15.17Dec 18, 2017 Listen
Sister Odell Stops By and Steve Gets Pranked - 12.14.17Dec 15, 2017 Listen
Alabama Senate Race - 12.13.17Dec 15, 2017 Listen
It's Going Up on a Tuesday Oatmeal Makes a Special Appearance - 12.12.17Dec 14, 2017 Listen
DR Sand and Soul is Coming! - 12.11.17Dec 11, 2017 Listen
Junior Wins Race The Champ is Here! - 12.07.17Dec 07, 2017 Listen
Who Will Win The Race Tommy or Junior - 12.06.17Dec 07, 2017 Listen
Tommy and Junior Are Gonna Race Each Other - 12.05.17Dec 06, 2017 Listen
Happy Monday Seasons Greetings - 12.04.17Dec 06, 2017 Listen
Happy Friday The Next Holiday Season Begins - 12.01.17Dec 06, 2017 Listen
Libya Needs Our Help - 11.30.17Dec 06, 2017 Listen
Bruno Mars Baby!!! - 11.29.17Nov 29, 2017 Listen
Steve is Back from Hosting Miss Universe - 11.28.17Nov 28, 2017 Listen
We're Back and It's Cyber Monday! - 11.27.17Nov 28, 2017 Listen
Black Friday The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year - 11.24.17Nov 25, 2017 Listen
Happy Turkey Day! - 11.23.17Nov 25, 2017 Listen
Happy Holiday's It's Humpday - 11.22.17Nov 25, 2017 Listen
Thanksgiving Vacay Begins Enjoy - 11.21.17Nov 25, 2017 Listen
Diana Ross Honored at AMA's - 11.20.17Nov 21, 2017 Listen
Anthony Anderson Stops by Steve (Talk Show) - 11.17.17Nov 21, 2017 Listen
The Wiffle Ball in the Toy Hall of Fame Respeck - 11.16.17Nov 16, 2017 Listen
Who Likes Who on the Show - 11.15.17Nov 15, 2017 Listen
What is Your Number - 11.14.17Nov 15, 2017 Listen
Tiffany Haddish Makes History She Ready! - 11.13.17Nov 13, 2017 Listen
JB Smooth on Steve (Talk Show) Have a Great Weekend - 11.10.17Nov 13, 2017 Listen
$42 Million (Mic Drop) - 11.09.17Nov 09, 2017 Listen
Happy Humpday Ham hocks and Flea Markets - 11.08.17Nov 08, 2017 Listen
Rock The Vote! 11.07.17Nov 08, 2017 Listen
Happy Birthday Mississippi Monica! 11.06.17Nov 07, 2017 Listen
It's Friday Have a Great Weekend - 11.03.17Nov 07, 2017 Listen
Houston Astros Win 2017 World Series - 11.02.17Nov 07, 2017 Listen
The World Series is Tied - 11.01.17Nov 01, 2017 Listen
Happy Halloween and LA 1 Away from Defeat World Series - 10.31.17Nov 01, 2017 Listen
The Stros Are 1 Away from World Series Title - 10.30.17Oct 30, 2017 Listen
Happy Friday Game 3 in H-Town Baby - 10.27.17Oct 30, 2017 Listen
Sister Odell Stops By and The Astros Make it Even - 10.26.17Oct 30, 2017 Listen
Crisis in Niger - 10.25.17Oct 25, 2017 Listen
Game 1 World Series LA vs Stros - 10.24.17Oct 25, 2017 Listen
Happy Belly Button Day Yay Yay - 10.23.17Oct 24, 2017 Listen
Tyler Perry or Madea Stops By - 10.20.17Oct 20, 2017 Listen
McCain VS Trump talk - 10.19.17Oct 20, 2017 Listen
President Trump, Enough Said - 10.18.17Oct 18, 2017 Listen
Co-ed Cub Scouts - 10.17.17Oct 17, 2017 Listen
Happy Birthday Carla Ferrell - 10.13.17Oct 17, 2017 Listen
Keyshia Cole Stops By Show - 10.12.17Oct 12, 2017 Listen
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