#113 - Facebook Groups, IF For The Elderly, Foods To Open Your Window, Food As Fuel, Macronutrient Freedom, Clean Fasting & More!Jun 17, 2019 Listen
#112 - Dr. Ken Brown: Polyphenols, Fasting Mimicking Diets, Time Restricted Eating, Circadian Rhythms, Polyphenols, Skipping Breakfast And Heart Attacks, Dirty Keto, Carnivore, Atrantil, And More!Jun 10, 2019 Listen
#111 - The Last 5 Pounds, Fat Adaption, IF And Grief, Parasympathetic Nervous System & More! Jun 03, 2019 Listen
#110 - Dry Fasting, Wine Timing, Responding To Pressure, Genetic Data, Cheese And Dairy & More! May 27, 2019 Listen
#109 - Mercola’s KetoFast, IF Resources, Inflammation Or Healing, Prolon, Whitening Strips , And More!May 20, 2019 Listen
#108 - Safe Foods, Uneven Fat Loss, Acetyle-l-carnitine, Serrapeptase, Eating Habits, Fats And Fullness, Eating Out Of Boredom, And More!May 13, 2019 Listen
#107 - Exercise Timing, “Hungry-Over”, Adaptogens, Veganism, Eating Before Bed, And More!May 06, 2019 Listen
#106 - IF In Summer, Taking Breaks From Fasting, Twig Tea, Eating Disorders, Saving Money, Feeling Guilty, Hot Lemon Water & More!Apr 29, 2019 Listen
#105 - Yoyo Effect, Feet Shrinking, Sleep, Ice, Australis Recipes, And More!Apr 22, 2019 Listen
#104 - Fasting Dreams, Smells And Insulin, Liposuction, Fascia Detox, Tea Recommendations, KetoFasting, & More!Apr 15, 2019 Listen
#103 - Keto Musings, Climate And Metabolism, Adrenaline And Fat Burning, Autophagy Tea, Espresso Carbs, And More!Apr 08, 2019 Listen
#102 - Choosing A Fasting Window, IF Quiz, "Not Fasting" Fasting, Ketones When Not Keto, Sweet Receptors In The Gut, Glycogen Stores, And More!Apr 01, 2019 Listen
# 101 - Dr. Sara Gottfried And The Brain/Body Connection, Detoxing, Women, Stress, & Fasting, Calories, IF When Conceiving Or Pregnant, Female Hormones, HRV, Menstrual Cycles, Neuroplasticity & More!Mar 25, 2019 Listen
#100 - Ask Us Anything! Our Personal Lives, Things That Make Us Happy, Favorite Books, Clothing, Family, Recommendations, Aspirations, And More!Mar 18, 2019 Listen
#099 - Dr. Zach Bush: Pesticides And The Gut Microbiome, Environmental Chemicals, RESTORE Your Gut And Environment, Soil Depletion, Autophagy, Seeking Acceptance, Farmer’s Footprint, And More!Mar 11, 2019 Listen
#098 - Microbiome Influences, Autophagy, Lectins, Binging, Pickle Juice, 2 Hour Windows, Wine Recommendations, And More!Mar 04, 2019 Listen
#097 - All About Hormones With Dr. Anna Cabeca: IF & Menstrual Cycles, Menopause, The Keto Green Diet, The Importance Of Alkalinity, The Role Of Stress, Insulin/Cortisol/Oxytocin & More!Feb 25, 2019 Listen
#096 - Weight Gain From Birth Control, Consistent Eating Windows, Activated Charcoal, Detox Support, Hunger Vs. Cravings, And More!Feb 18, 2019 Listen
#095 - Sugar Free Gum And Fasting, Wine,Alcohol And Reflux, Gravity Blankets And Sleep Hacks, Nicotine, Breath Freshening, And More!Feb 11, 2019 Listen
#094: Building Muscle Without Exercise, Celery Juice, The Medical Medium, Wine #While Fasting, Removing Histamine & Sulfites, Nutritional Yeast, Trace Minerals, And More!Feb 05, 2019 Listen
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#091 - Fasting As A Chef, Going 80/20, The Primal Diet, Ankle & Wrist Weights, Coffee Digestion, Transitioning To Paleo, Accidentally Breaking Your Fast, And More!Jan 19, 2019 Listen
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#087 - Wade Lightheart Part 2: Tackling Gluten, Food Sensitivities, Leaky Gut, Enzyme Timing, Personal Probiotics, HCL, Bile, Listening To Your Body, Diet Intuition, And More!Dec 18, 2018 Listen
#086 - Stopping Sugar Cravings, Coffee When Eating, Protein And Muscle, The Great Funfetti Debate, Working Out After Dinner, Fruits And Veggies, And More!Dec 11, 2018 Listen
#085 - IF For Mood And Depression, “Melting" From IF, Not Fasting Benefits, IBSD When Breaking The Fast, Atrantil Timing, And More!Dec 04, 2018 Listen
#084 - Optimizing Digestion With Wade Lightheart: Enzymes, HCL, Raw/Cooked Foods, Acid Reflux, Longevity, Probiotics, Diet Adaptation, Protein, Pesticides, Proteolytics, Serrapeptase & More!Nov 27, 2018 Listen
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#082 - Should Everyone Fast?, Toxins From Fat Burning, Controlling Meal Pacing, How To Stay Active At A Desk Job, Exercise And Sugar Cravings, OMAD After 16/8, When To Give Up On IF, And More!Nov 13, 2018 Listen
#081 - William Shewfelt: IF For A Power Ranger Physique, The Carnivore Diet, Hollywood Diets, Muscle Building, Exercise & Performance, Lifestyle Hacks, Diet Mindsets, Following Your Dreams, And More!Nov 06, 2018 Listen
#080 - Tips For Starting IF, Fasting Without Coffee, Fasting In Chunks, Kale, Saunas, The Diuretic Effect, Weight Tracking Apps, Facebook Groups, Rodent Study Implications & More!Oct 29, 2018 Listen
#079 - Dr. Ken Brown & Atrantril: Fixing GI Issues Fast, IF & The Gut Microbiome, Plant Polyphenols, Fasting Mimetics, Stress, Seratonin & The Gut, IF In A Pill, And More!Oct 23, 2018 Listen
#078 - Low Calories And Weight Stalls, Trusting Your Body, Red Vs. White Wine, Tracking And Forcing, And More!Oct 16, 2018 Listen
#077 - Red Light Therapy For Energy, Weight Loss, Stubborn Fat, Beautiful Skin, Muscle Recovery, Exercise Performance, Sleep, Mood, Thyroid, Gut Microbiome & More! (Joovv Co-Founder Scott Nelson!)Oct 09, 2018 Listen
#076 - Weight Watchers, Elimination Diets, Hot Flashes, Starting IF When Studying, 5:2 & 4:3, Bone Broth Fasting & More!Oct 02, 2018 Listen
#075 - Grocery Shopping Habits, Bodybuilding, Gluten-Free/Paleo Meals, Sleep And Hunger, IF & Antibiotics, Finding The Perfect Window, And More!Sep 25, 2018 Listen
#074 - Re-Doing Our Weight Loss Journeys, Crash Diets, Mouthwash, Time Restricted Eating Calorie Studies, Red Light Therapy, Bone Broth Giveaway, And More!Sep 18, 2018 Listen
#073 - Green Smoothies, Mid-Night Hunger, IF & Nursing, The Gallbladder, Weekend Breakfasts, Ketosis And Fat Burning, And More!Sep 11, 2018 Listen
#072 - Alcohol And IF, Candida, Pirates, Weight Regain After Weight Loss, Supplement Cautions, MTHFR, And More!Sep 04, 2018 Listen
#071 - Common IF “Phases,” Parasite Cleanses, Muscle Gain, Required Supplements, Eating Before Your Window Closes, And More!Sep 01, 2018 Listen
#070 - The Tired Episode! Reasons You Might Be Tired, Brain-Fogged, Or Fatigued, Caffeine Pills, Eating While Driving, Book Recommendations, And More!Aug 21, 2018 Listen
#069 - Entering Ketosis, Accidentally Breaking The Fast, Structured Water, Cravings Vs. True Hunger, Stomach Rumblings, Glycogen Stores, Olive Oil, And More!Aug 14, 2018 Listen
#068 - Dr. Michael Ruscio & Gut Health: Fix Your Gut, Find YOUR Right Diet, SIBO, IBS, Low-FODMAPs, Gluten, Inflammation, Gut Microbiome, Functional Practitioners, Tackling Food Fears & More!Aug 07, 2018 Listen
#067 - Defining “Maintenance,” Stopping Food Fears And Restrictive Habits, BMIs, How Melanie & Gin Met, Stevia & Biofilms, Serrapeptase, & More!Jul 31, 2018 Listen
#066 - Squishy & Stubborn Fat Obsessions, Low Intensity Exercise, Yoga, Bra Changes, Vibration Machines, Essential Oils, Not Fasting Beyond 18 Hours, And More!Jul 24, 2018 Listen
#065 - ADHD Meds, Cannabis, Ancestreal Supplements, Plant Antinutrients, The Great Legume Debate, And More!Jul 17, 2018 Listen
#064 - Napping, Glycogen Stores, Fasting From Fasting, Energy Drinks, Diverticulitis, Vacation Recovery, Bone Broth Giveaway, And More!Jul 10, 2018 Listen
#063 - Liver Detox Phases, The Perfect Exercise For IF, Muscle Building, “Skinny” Backlash, Kombucha, & More!Jul 03, 2018 Listen
#062 - Alcohol After Your Window Closes, Transitioning To IF, Salivating And Insulin, Nattokinase, Thinking IF Was “Wrong,” Restless Leg Suggestions, And More!Jun 26, 2018 Listen
#061 - Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Why Stress Is Good!, Muscle Gain, When IF Becomes Detrimental, Gaining Weight With IF, Longevity Vs. Strength, Carb Vs. Fat Fuels, Circadian Rhythms, And More!Jun 19, 2018 Listen
#060 - How To Boost Dopamine, Number Of Meals & Snacks, Meat Broth/Bone Broth/Powdered Broth, Restless Legs, High Morning Blood Sugar, & More!Jun 12, 2018 Listen
#059 - Attracting People To IF, Counting The Fast Vs. Eating Hours, Electrolytes, Tap Water, FMD Clairification, Lucid Dreaming, Homemade Bread, & More!Jun 05, 2018 Listen
#058 - Fasting After Exercise, Canned And Frozen Foods, Menstrual Cycles, PCOS, Fruit & Fat Burning, Maintaining Weight, Sleep For Muscle Building, Alka Seltzer, And More!May 29, 2018 Listen
#057 - Dr. Valter Longo: The Fasting Mimicking Diet, Eating For Longevity, High Vs. Low Protein, Ancestry Diets, Meat Vs. Plants, Rebuilding The Gut, Food Tolerances, The Blue Zones, And More!May 21, 2018 Listen
#056 - All Your Serrapeptase Questions!, Chapstick Lipstick & Glosses, Does IF Target Certain Areas Of Fat?, Barefoot Shoes, And More!May 15, 2018 Listen
#055 - Special Episode With JJ VIRGIN: Fat Vs. Sugar Burners, Carb Intakes, Food Sensitivities, Cleaning Up Diet, Stress Reduction, Positive Mindset Hacks, Eating Windows, Circadian Rhythms & More!May 08, 2018 Listen
#054 - Optimal Ketone Levels, Snatiation, Vibration Plates, The Clean Fast Debate, IF Struggles, “Normal” Hunger Levels, La Croix, Gin's and Melanie’s Houses, And More!May 01, 2018 Listen
#053 - Hangovers, 24 Hour Fast Benefits, Changed Lab Results, Dealing With Binging, Overeating, And More!Apr 24, 2018 Listen
#052 - The THYROID Episode With Elle Russ! Self Diagnosing Hypothyroidism, Lab Markers, Natural Desiccated Thyroid, Feeling Bad With “Normal” Levels, IF & The Adrenals, Stress, Doing LESS, & MoreApr 17, 2018 Listen
#051 - Transitioning Tips, Acid Reflux, Stevia, Do Calories Count Or Not?, Migraines, NOT Hungry, Restrictive Mindsets, IF & Exercise, And More!Apr 10, 2018 Listen
#050 - IF & Sexual Attraction, Money Savings, Liquor, Diatamaceous Earth, Gluten Intolerance, Allergy Medications, Day Vs. Night Windows, Citric Acid, And More!Apr 03, 2018 Listen
#049 - IF & Morning People, CBD Oil, Emotional Crutches, How To Know If Your Gut Is Healthy, UK Organic Wines, Crashing After Eating, And More!Mar 27, 2018 Listen
#048 - Wearable Weights, Mid-Fast Hunger, Fasting Teens?, Vegetarian Paleo, Reversing Diabetes, & More!Mar 20, 2018 Listen
#047 - THE KETO EPISODE With The Keto-Mojo Founder: Ketones, Testing Methods (Urine, Breath, Blood), Fat Adaption, Keto Signs/Problems, Supplemental Ketones, Carbs & Keto, Keto For Weight Loss & More!Mar 13, 2018 Listen
#046 - The Coffee Episode Part 2: Coffee Sensitivity, Coffee Calories, Starbucks, Spices, Bulletproof Coffee, Mushroom Coffee, Caffeinated Water, Serrapeptase, Creamers, Creamers, SplendaMar 06, 2018 Listen
#045 - The Coffee Episode Part I: Does Coffee Break The Fast?, Coffee And Autophagy, The Metabolic Clock, Blood Glucose, Caffeine Vs. Tea, And More!Feb 27, 2018 Listen
#044 - Resistant Starch, E-Cigarettes, Food Sensitivity Tests, Carrageenan, Food Additives, VSL#3, Weekend Breaks, Feast Without Fear, & More!Feb 20, 2018 Listen
#043 - Top 5 Tips To Break A Plateau, Vivid Dreams, Changing Macros, Counting Calories, Cold Exposure, Weight Gain Mindsets, And More!Feb 13, 2018 Listen
#042 -WEIRD IF PROBLEMS Part II: Popping Joints, Eye Straining, Being Cold, Chills, Feet Falling Asleep, Gas And Bloating, Nausea, Motion SicknessFeb 06, 2018 Listen
#041 - WEIRD IF PROBLEMS Part I: Crying, Shoe Sizes, No Weight Gain, Toilets, Sweet Smells, Sweats, Throat Clearing, And More!Jan 30, 2018 Listen
#040 - IF & Human Growth Hormone, Fiber, Juice Fasting, Breastfeeding, Calorie Restriction Vs. Dieting, And More!Jan 23, 2018 Listen
#039 - Fasting Dirty, C8/C10 MCT Oil, Tasting Wine, Oregano Oil, Tanning Beds, Varied Eating Windows, How Many Changes At A Time, And More!!Jan 16, 2018 Listen
#038 - IF & Blood Pressure, Melanie and Gin’s Disagreement, OMAD Terminology, Avoiding Produce Burn Out, Health And Wellness Recommendations, When To Listen, The End Of The Eating Window, And More!Jan 09, 2018 Listen
#037 - IF & PCOS, The Fasted High, Vitamin D, Sleep, Long Term IF Studies, Coffee Anxiety, Sweeteners In Teas, Coconut Milk, And More!Jan 02, 2018 Listen
#036 - The Christmas Episode!!!Dec 26, 2017 Listen
#035 - Fasted Training, Marathons, Tummy Rumbles, 2 Hour Window Difference, And More!!Dec 19, 2017 Listen
#034 - Brain Fog, Carb Digestion, White Kidney Bean Extract, Last Meal Before Fasting, Indulgent Meals, What Melanie And Gin Eat, And More!Dec 12, 2017 Listen
#033 - IF Supplement Guide, LDN, Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics, Digestive Support, The Source Of Cravings, Tips For Boredom Munchies, And More!Dec 05, 2017 Listen
#032 - Common IF “Errors,” Digestive Enzymes, HCL, Hair Loss & Growth, Time For Results, And More!Nov 28, 2017 Listen
#031- Fat Storage & Burning Science, Low Fat For Weight Loss, “Healthy” Fats, Desk Jobs, Time Between Eating, IF Math & Ratios, And More!Nov 21, 2017 Listen
#030 - Should You Fast When Sick?, Natural Immune Support, How Melanie And Gin Met, All About Salt!Nov 14, 2017 Listen
#029 - IF To Get Shredded, Jumpstart Fasts, Leaky Gut, “Clean” Wine, Toxins Stored In Fat, Water Intake, Berberine, And More!Nov 07, 2017 Listen
#028 - Pre-Workout Supplements, Appetite Correction, Cancer, IF As A Lifestyle, Lack Of Hunger, Bone Broth, And More!Oct 31, 2017 Listen
#027 - Lectins, Legumes, The Plant Paradox, IF Benefits From The Feast Or Famine, Our Favorite Books!Oct 24, 2017 Listen
#026 - Drinking All Natural, Low Sugar/Alcohol/Toxin Wines For Health And IF - Special Interview With Todd White Of Dry Farm Wines!!!Oct 17, 2017 Listen
#025 - Craving Indications, Alcohol and Fat Burning, Burping & Yawning, Calorie Intakes, Undereating, Our Favorite Podcasts, & More!Oct 10, 2017 Listen
#024 - Genetic Testing, Exercising After Eating, Happy NOT Clean Fasting, Flax Seeds, Changing IF Windows, And More!Oct 03, 2017 Listen
#023 - 16:8 vs. OMAD, Feeling Cold While Fasting, Stubborn Fat, Cellulite, IF & Brain Function, All Day Social Events, Cram It In Or Space It Out?Sep 26, 2017 Listen
#022 - Thinking About Food, Pets & IF, Monk Fruit, Stevia, Tracking Windows, Fasting Vs. Eating Times, Low Carb, Keto Breath & More!Sep 19, 2017 Listen
#021 - Cheat Days, Defining One Meal, Matcha Tea, If It Fits Your Macros, Eating After Exercise, Menstrual Cravings, Skipping Dinner, Overnight Weight Changes, Changing IF Protocols, Hunger SignalsSep 12, 2017 Listen
#020 - Tired After Eating, Oil Pulling, Accidental Food, Optimum Fasting Time, Fruit And GI Distress, Purposeful Calorie Restriction, Probiotics, Kids And Fasting, And More!Sep 05, 2017 Listen
#019 - Wonky Windows, Communion, Sugar Cravings, Restrictive Tendencies, Becoming Fat Adapted, Sugar Free Gum, Ketones & More!Aug 29, 2017 Listen
#018 - How Much Food?, Favorite Recipes, How Many Calories Break A Fast, IF Weekends, Collagen Peptides, Bladder Pain, Strict Timing, Changing WindowsAug 22, 2017 Listen
#017 - Advice Learned The Hard Way, High Fasting Blood Sugar, HIIT, Lemons, Limes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Headaches, Hangries & More!Aug 15, 2017 Listen
#016 - Vacation Recovery, Bowel Movements, Binge Behavior, Serrapeptase, & More!Aug 08, 2017 Listen
#015 - Breaking A Stall, IF Weight Loss Vs. Other Diets, Changing Windows, Vegan Fats, Eating Whatever You Want, Insulin, & More!Aug 01, 2017 Listen
#014 - Beer, Restrictive Mindsets, Fasted Exercise, Toothpaste, And Intermittent FastingJul 25, 2017 Listen
#013 - Late Night Eating, Crossfit And Calories, Adrenal Fatigue, Soy Milk, Getting Enough Nutrients, Broth & Intermittent FastingJul 18, 2017 Listen
#012 - Exogenous Ketones,The "Official" Fasted Period, Body Odor, Medication Requiring Food, Artificial Sweeteners, Insulin, And Intermittent FastingJul 11, 2017 Listen
#011 - Intermittent Fasting Challenges: Mental And Physical Hunger, Explaining IF To Family And Friends, Eating Disorders Vs. Fasting, Drinking Late, Cravings, Workouts On Longer FastsJul 04, 2017 Listen
#010 - Vegan Diets, Activity Levels, Muscle Mass, Re-Entering The Zone After Holidays, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Weight Gain, And Intermittent FastingJun 27, 2017 Listen
#009 - Scales, Supplements, Naysayers, Max Weight Loss, Calories, Carbs, Wine, Intermittent Fasting, And More!Jun 20, 2017 Listen
#008 - IF & Traveling, Getting Enough Calories, Electrolytes, & The Whoosh Effect!Jun 13, 2017 Listen
#007 - What's Too Extreme?, Intermittent Fasting & Exercise, Carb Content, Grains, And IF Weight MaintenanceJun 06, 2017 Listen
#006 - The ALCOHOL And WINE Intermittent Fasting Episode!May 30, 2017 Listen
#005 - The Intermittent Fasting COFFEE Episode!May 23, 2017 Listen
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#003 - Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Benefits, Autophagy, Breakfast For One Meal A DayMay 09, 2017 Listen
#002 - How To Do Intermittent Fasting, IF For Life Benefits, Keeping The Body GuessingMay 02, 2017 Listen