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PhoneGap/Cordova - Is HTML a reasonable app solution? With Steve SandersonApr 05, 2013 Listen
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HTML5, JavaScript, Chrome and the Web Platform with Paul IrishMar 22, 2013 Listen
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Language Hunters with Willem LarsenMar 08, 2013 Listen
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Git support within Visual StudioFeb 08, 2013 Listen
Dr. Kyla McMullen on Diversity in Computer Science and Spatial AudioFeb 01, 2013 Listen
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Accessibility, Deafness, and Computing with Jenny Lay-FlurrieJan 18, 2013 Listen
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Joining Microsoft with Taylor Mullen, Damian Edwards and Scott HunterAug 25, 2012 Listen
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Zero Day and Trojan Horse: An interview with Mark RussinovichJul 26, 2012 Listen
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Everything .NET programmers know about Asynchronous Programming is wrongJul 05, 2012 Listen
JavaScript, Web APIs, Performance and more with Dave WardJun 28, 2012 Listen
ASP.NET 4.5 Updates, Core, WebForms and SignalR with Damian EdwardsJun 23, 2012 Listen
Ben Kamens from the Khan Academy on Internships and MentorshipJun 14, 2012 Listen
On Empathy with Leon Gersing the Ruby BuddhaJun 14, 2012 Listen
Getting Fit with programmer John SonmezJun 07, 2012 Listen
Randomness and Windows 8 with Jeff AtwoodJun 06, 2012 Listen
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The Making of How to Be Black with Baratunde ThurstonMay 17, 2012 Listen
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Source Control and The Cloud: How did CodePlex start supporting Git?Apr 26, 2012 Listen
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Developing a mobile app for iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android with Toran BillupsNov 17, 2011 Listen
History of HTTP and the World Wide Web with Henrik Frystyk NielsenNov 10, 2011 Listen
Damian Edwards explains The Realtime Web for ASP.NET with SignalRNov 03, 2011 Listen
Designing a better experience with Sara SummersOct 27, 2011 Listen
Inside Visual Studio Performance and PerfWatson with Phil PriceOct 21, 2011 Listen
Google's Steve Souders, Creator of YSlow on Web Site OptimizationOct 15, 2011 Listen
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